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When you walk into our home, you have two choices: go upstairs into the main living portion of our home or down into the basement. There is a door to the left when you walk down the short flight of stairs and when you open it, you’ll hear the hum the of the air conditioning unit. You’ll also be greeted by several car seats that have not been used for some time.

To the average person it looks like just a basement, but to us it is much more than just that, it is our laundry room, storage room, and second pantry.

A Storage Room


And not unlike many storage rooms, it doubles as a laundry room. Pipes are running down to the washer on the left and a folding bench to the right. Keep walking, and you’ll be among shelves full of relics that my wife and I have collected over the years and various holiday decorations.

But just on the other side of dryer, you’ll see what seems to be a pantry. Here is where we store our bulk snacks and household supplies that we seem to use faster than we can buy.

On Friday and Saturday nights, you’ll find us down in the basement during our family movie nights, each of us with one of the snacks we keep down in our storage room. It never fails, that at some point during the movie, one of the kids will want more and they run into the room to grab another bag.

When It Hit To Keep Our Packets Up!


It wasn’t until one movie night when I walked in to grab another bag of chips, that I looked on top of our dryer and saw our liquid laundry packets. As I lifted the bag, I thought of my kids and realized they may be tempted to play with and explore the laundry packets.

I could see though how easy it would be for my kids to see the liquid laundry packets and think that they wonder what they “tasted” like because that is exactly what kids do. I picked up the bag and placed it up on a high shelf out of the way so that my kids didn’t have the temptation.

The American Cleaning Institute is reminding parents to keep their detergent packets up and out of reach of little-wandering hands. Had I not stopped and thought about what my toddler sees when he walks into our storage room that night, our liquid laundry packets would still be sitting there on top of our dryer, potentially within reach of him.

When you think about it, preventing accidental liquid laundry detergent exposure isn’t that difficult, it is as easy as making sure that you are keeping your Packets Up!


To learn more about how to prevent accidental liquid laundry detergent exposure visit the Packets Up! site. You can also watch Through Their Eyes to understand how from the toddlers perspective and how easy it is for them to get into cleaning products.

Follow #PacketsUp on your social channels to join the discussion and share some laundry safety tips.

How One Night Changed How I Store My Cleaning Products

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