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When it comes to major holidays, I tend to put a lot of stress on myself. I want the day to be special and mean something to whoever the person is, whether it is my two boys or my wife. I start to think about what would make it a day to remember months out. 

I would pressure myself to find that perfect gift, especially for my wife. I’d scour the internet for that perfect item. That one item that would hopefully bring a tear to her eye because it would show her just how much she means to me. 

At least that is how it was in the past. Now things start to creep up on me and I usually start to look at most two weeks before. While I may always be looking ahead at our schedule on a daily basis, now that we have two kids are playing evening sports or have some other activities that require driving to, things become a sort of blur. And when it comes to days like Mother’s Day, that typically isn’t enough time to make the mom in my life and the mom of my two boys feel special. 

Picking out a Mother's Day card at Hy-Vee

On days like this, I tend to forget that my kids have some of the best ideas to make their mom feel special. They may know her almost as much as me, and maybe even better. They share so many “secrets” after they are done reading and laying down to cuddle for bedtime. 

This year though, the boys and I talked about how we could make mom’s life a little easier for Mother’s Day. Unfortunately, diamonds were not in the cards this year, which is something that my wife has made sure to hint to them that she would love to have some. We talked about how special she is and everything she does to make sure that all of us are taken care of. There are so many little things that she does for our family on a daily basis that even I don’t see at times.

Making mom breakfast in bed on Mother's Day

With the help of Hy-Vee, we went out to find all of the fixings needed to make breakfast in bed for the mom who would always wake up with the kids to make sure that they are fed in the mornings. We also picked out a new tea infuser and some bath bombs that will ensure that she is able to relax in the evenings after a long day of working and helping to take care of the kids. 

Breakfast in bed with mom on Mother's Day.

Be sure to visit your local Hy-Vee as you search for the perfect way to make the mother in your life feel special. Hy-Vee makes it easy to get everything you need from flowers, special meals, home decor, and other gift items. 

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