Full Disclosure: I have been compensated by Phillips 66® but the thoughts and opinions expressed are my own.

It was a typical Wednesday night. I took off work early so that I could make it back to town to get the kids ready for an evening full of their baseball games. On my way home, I was lost in a podcast. I couldn’t even tell you what it was at this point, but whatever the topic, it was enthralling enough for me to miss the ding of the fuel light or to remember to look down at the status of our fuel when I pulled into our driveway.

We unloaded quickly, running inside to grab whatever leftovers I could find while the kids got ready for the games: William in his baseball uniform and Joseph with his bag of toys to keep him occupied in an attempt to keep him from hogging my wife’s phone for the entire game. As the kids were getting ready, I ran upstairs to change out of jeans and into shorts comfortable enough to warm up any of our pitchers and coach first base if necessary.

As we pulled out of the driveway and onto the main road out of our neighborhood, I saw that we had 10 miles left until empty. It was enough to get us to the fields, but I wasn’t sure exactly if it would make it to a Phillips 66 gas station after that. 

I pulled into the Phillips 66 on our route to the ball fields and reached in my pocket only to find out that I had left my wallet at home. Panic started to take over, and as I wondered how I was going to pay for gas I looked up and saw the sign advertising Phillips 66 Mobile Pay. As luck would have it, I had used the app in the past so everything was set up.

My Phillips 66 App Saves The Day

I reached in my pocket and pulled out my phone and the My Phillips 66 app immediately knew which Phillips 66 gas station I was at. All I had to do was tell it the pump I would fill up from, punch in the authorization code for the pump, and soon I had even forgotten that my wallet was at home. 

Mobile Pay

“DAD! WE NEED SUNFLOWER SEEDS! OH and get me a pack of gum.”

“Yes! I haven’t had any in a LONG time!”

I walked into the store picking out the dill pickle flavor for William and the Spicy Queso flavor for me and walked up the counter. Once again, out of habit, I reached into my pockets and then started tapping various pockets wondering where my wallet was.

Mobile Pay There Once Again

Then it hit me, I pulled out my phone, told the My Phillips 66 app that I was paying in-store, showed the cashier my phone, and out the door I went.

As I walked back to the car I felt like a hero, not only did we avoid a 5-minute trip back home, potentially making us late for the game, but I was also able to provide us some sort of sustenance during the ball games. And if that wasn’t enough, the app also saved us 15 cents per gallon*, saving us enough to justify getting the seeds and gum.

*Offer good through 12/31/2019. Get 15 cents off per gallon (up to 30 gallons) per fill-up at participating Phillips 66 locations. 

Life is Busy, Phillips 66 Is There

So many times as parents we leave the house to head to a local park or run errands. With so many things to remember to take–diapers, extra pair of clothes (for the kids… and me… just in case), bottles of water, and the toy that our kids just couldn’t leave at home. Then there are the times we are headed out the door when our oldest isn’t listening, doesn’t have his shoes on, and scrambles to get them on as we are walking out the door. While the other kid is thinking it is funny to run around as we tell him we are leaving for the 7th time and then decides to throw an epic three-year-old meltdown. One can see just how easy it would be to forget my wallet at home.

Life is busy enough, specifically for a parent, with so many things to remember there are so many things that we can forget. Luckily for us, if we are off to our next destination as we Live to the Full, we can count on Phillips 66 to always be there even if you happen to leave to your wallet at home.

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