I Know You Are Watching Me, But This Goes Too Far

I tend to be a frugal shopper, despite what my wife thinks, I am just one of those who tries to maximize what we can get within our budget.  Therefore, I am constantly being wishy washy when it comes to buying products.

I’m sure that Amazon is fully aware of how much I count on reviews of products that I am going to buy and that I tend to look around.  That is probably exactly why they developed the section called “Customers who viewed this item also looked at.”  Just so that they can get a few more hits on their site.

We are big Target shoppers.  Say what you want about the hacking of their credit card system, Target is a place that I still know and trust over some other big name stores.  We are proud Red Card holders and feel that Target will do what they can to keep our credit safe.  We are in there about once a week picking something up that the Kid needs whether it is medicine, clothes, or when he was younger baby formula.

Target - The Rookie Dad

By now Target knows us, in fact we are known by name at our local Target with some of their cash register workers and their pharmacists.  One thing that Hot Momma and I have just now started to notice though is the coupons they print at the registers.  We use them a lot being the frugal shoppers that we are.

It wasn’t clear to us what was happening with those coupons until recently though.  With the ability to track your spending and print off coupons to things that they think you will buy or eventually need.  Smart on their part because it gets us to come back again and again. The marketing ploy works on us.  The other day though, as we were looking at what coupons were stashed in our bag when we got home there was one that stuck out, it was one for baby formula.

My question is, why would Target think that we needed baby formula?  I realize it has been about 2 years since we bought any and I’m sure someone on the other end of those coupon machines is going, “When are they going to get baby formula again, our ploy has to work at some point right?”

Maybe we should stock piling these coupons because we know eventually someday down the road we will probably use them.  (not any time soon though)

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  1. Ashley March 24, 2014 at 5:50 PM

    I think it’s probably to throw you off. I’ve read articles where it says when they said you coupon mailers aimed at pregnant women (Based on your spending habits) that they’ll throw something in there like a lawnmower or power tools so you think “oh this is neat, I bet a bunch of people got them” and think nothing of it.

  2. A Tool Box For Dad March 25, 2014 at 8:44 PM

    I guess this is the new age of marketing… watching your spending habits and giving you coupons on items they think you will buy, or they want you to buy. Our grocery store Safeway has an app for the iPhone. Safeway tracks what you are buying then you can electronically clip coupons on the app. But the a lot of the coupons are for stuff you have bought in the past… its all marketing…


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