I realized that this is what it is all about… the moments that make you smile as a parent… even if you are sleep-deprived.

Have you heard yet? We have a new Rookie in town…

Joseph Daniel!


Forgive me for not posting it sooner. In fact, it has been a week since he made his appearance… so please forgive me even more for not announcing it sooner.

I’m sure you understand that I’m sleep-deprived. I can’t remember the last time that I have been this exhausted to be honest. When our oldest was born, I don’t remember it being this hard. Probably because we only had one at the time and didn’t have to worry about entertaining another person.

We were also in a different stage in our lives. I was a part-time stay at home dad and could occasionally grab a nap on the couch with our child. Things were much slower… and life could stop even for just a few minutes. But now, with two children, it doesn’t stop and my 6:30am alarm will continue to wake up my already awake body.

I might be sleep-deprived, but I am smiling.


Smiling might seem small but when being sleep-deprived, it can make my day. A smile seems to be about the only thing (next to coffee) that keeps me going throughout the day. Every time I look at our newborn son, I smile. Every time I look at our oldest, I smile… even if he has just upset me. And every time I look at my wife, I smile knowing that without her, those smiles wouldn’t have been there.

As I was taking our oldest to school, looking in the mirror at him… probably in the same way that I’ll be looking at our newest in about 5 years, flashing back all of the memories that it took to get to this point, I smiled. He was listening to his favorite music by The Piano Guys and dancing in his car seat. I realized that this is what it is all about… the moments that make you smile as a parent. Even though the night before, I was up every hour with our newest, I smiled. That smile, eased my aching legs and helped wake me up, more than any coffee could. I saw where I’ll be 5 years from now with our newest… and I could see another 5 years into the joy that our oldest will bring us.

I have so much to smile about now. I have two wonderful kids, who keep me up at night. I have a wife to curl up next to after those kids finally go to sleep.

Now, I’m smiling because it’s naptime…

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