I’m struggling as a parent and a blogger. There I admit it. Honestly, it feels good to finally get that off my chest.  

First, I think I better clarify. I’m not struggling with being a father. For some reason, it feels like that is one area that I’m starting really come into my stride (8-years into it… finally). While I might not completely understand my oldest’s math homework, it doesn’t stop me from continually trying to be the best dad that I can be.  

No, it isn’t in my marriage either. My wife and I are really doing well in our marriage. We have figured out what it takes to do be sure that we are together for the long haul: a true partnership. It might have taken us ten years, but we are there and better than we ever have been. And no it isn’t in my career. I am at a point where I’m happy in middle-management while also being able to fulfill my career goals.

I Struggle With Being A Parent And A Blogger

Headed out on a 18 hour whirlwind road trip.

It always feels like when I am struggling in one area of my life, and the words are easy to spill out on this old blog. The stories are easy to tell you. And, you might not have noticed that 4 out of the last six posts of mine are sponsored in some way. There has been Thomas the Tank Engine, Maxi-Cosi, Pampers and Earth’s Best

Please take a moment to read them… go ahead… I’ll wait.  

While they have been some great content that I have produced, I am having a hard time finding the inspiration to write and tell you the stories that are truly organic and don’t need to have a sponsorship behind them.

Without giving away too many of my secrets (I say that like there are any at all) but even when I sit down to do a brain dump and get out as much as I can, it isn’t working. Starting a post writing a few paragraphs and coming back to it a few days later isn’t working either.  

If there was ever a case of writer’s block (it’s so bad that when I write block my fingers are writing a blog instead) this would be it. No, inspiration. No, motivation.  

It sounds like I am complaining. If I really wanted something to complain about, I’d talk about Pentatonix (inside joke for anyone who knows me personally knows I can’t STAND the group) or the number of leaves that I had to rake over the last month.  

There is something to complain about.  

The reality is I’m not. I’ve taken time to put down the camera, put away constantly looking for a story to tell. Maybe this is just what I needed though. A little time to reset my mind and reflect on the year that was 2018 and kick into 2019 in high gear.  

It is starting to sound cliché

For me, I like to think that I can achieve a pretty good balance between being a father, husband, full-time job holder, and side-gig blogger. While at times it swings more towards the later and at times my kids complain at the amount of time I have a camera in my hand hoping to find that next great Instagram photo.  

I guess you can say that the pendulum has swung in the other direction. I have taken the time to connect with my kids. Running around the house playing hide-and-seek with my youngest. Talking to my oldest about bullying in school and what he should do if he were to ever experience it. Cleaning up after my potty-training toddler who has gone through not his first, or second, but the third pair of underwear in 2 hours. And struggling to tell my oldest why math is important and that he will use it later in life… because I know differently despite what my freshman math teacher told me.

I guess I can’t complain too much when it comes to struggling in this part of my life. The part of my life that has taken on a life of its own, because in the end, this “struggle” is giving me a chance to step back and remember where it all started…

A 10-year anniversary cruise with my wife.

Gee, it sounds like I have written about that topic before

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1 Comment

  1. Keith Laskey February 11, 2019 at 2:05 PM

    Nice read, Brandon. It’s definitely tough keeping the momentum on blogging going. I have had sites for years but have always had a problem with consistency. Finding that Why can be a challenge especially for the non-sponsored posts.

    Sponsored posts have a deadline. And when you’re relying on the extra income they bring in, your Why is pretty easy to find.

    One thing I have realized lately is that I want some documentation for my kids. A chance for my kids to open a website or listen to a podcast or watch a YouTube channel and read or hear a little bit about their lives. A little bit about our lives. Trips we’ve taken, experiences we’ve had, moments we’ve shared.

    Maybe that the Why for Dad Bloggers. Creating something that our kids can look back on years from now. This might help us be better and more motivated bloggers. Your next non-sponsored post isn’t just a blog post. It’s a gift you’re giving to an 8 year old and his younger brother.


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