I Will Be There

After yesterday’s rant on Proctor and Gamble and Kellogg’s, I was thinking about my son and my involvement in his life. I do not care what paths my son chose in life, well to a certain extent. If he chooses to play the harp, I will be there. If he chooses to play baseball, I will be there. If he chooses to be a chimney sweep, I will make him take a shower, but I will be there.

I know that I am not the only dad who feels this way. Most involved fathers, feel like we are fighting an up-hill battle to earn and get respect with advertisers, media, and the general public. You look at one of the latest shows that will be coming out in the fall that NBC is promoting like crazy during the Olympics, Guys with Kids. This show atleast from the promo’s, show dads acting like a fool and a complete idiot. Will I watch, yes, only to give my formal opinion of it after a few episodes to see how frustrated I really am at the show. Shows like this are part of the problem. So many people look at TV and think it is reality, that is far from the truth.

It may be funny to poke fun at dads, but the times are changing. Dads are more involved then ever. I can not count how many times I have had someone look strangely at me or make a comment when I walk out of the family restroom after changing a diaper. I mostly get the “Awww ain’t that cute, dad changed your diaper.” Or when I am out alone with the Kid anywhere (before I took this new job and spent most of my days with the Kid), “aww did daddy take the day off to spend with you?” My response, “I’m a stay at home dad” and generally whomever made the rude comment backed off. What makes it so hard to realize that dads are being involved now?

We are not asking for the world, just a little respect. We know what we are doing and we love to spend time with our kids.

No matter the path my child chooses, I will be there!

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  1. Amy Billinger August 2, 2012 at 10:52 AM

    It’s awesome that you are blogging about this phenomenon. It’s probably a bit like what it was like for women when they first started going to work. Not so long ago women who went to work were scorned and looked down upon. Now men who are more involved with their kids have to fight a similar (and I know it’s not exactly the same) attitude. Neither were the norm and society didn’t or doesn’t know exactly how to react to it. That’s why we need people like you to speak up about it!


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