If you are anything like our family, science is the base of all questions that the Rookie asks.

Why do the colors change in the water?  

Will this float or sink in water? And why? 

Why does the sun go down at night?  

What causes the rain to fall from the clouds?

Future Scientist - The Rookie Dad

The answer to all of these questions could be answered with a simple word… science. Science was one of my favorite subjects in school. Who wouldn’t love creating a volcano out of backing soda and vinegar? I also grew up on the great mind of Bill Nye the Science Guy. I was so into science and his show that I actually got grounded from the show after experimenting one of the experiments that Bill Nye did on the show and resulted in losing half of my hair. In Bill’s defense, he probably did say, “Kids, do not try this at home.” and being the guy that I am, I wasn’t listening.

So one would think that answering the Rookie’s science related questions would be rather easy. And they would be for a teenager. I’m not the best when it comes explaining the changing of the seasons or why some balls bounce more than others. I tend to reach deep into my cerebellum and stretch my vocabulary as I make myself sound smart.  But to a 4-year-old, none of that makes sense.

That’s where the greats of Sid the Science Kid come in. I don’t know how they do it but they are able to relate all of the science knowledge that your child wants to know into an easy to understand 30 minute episode. In our house, we have watched Sid since the Rookie was about two. The episodes are so entertaining that I even sit down with the Rookie and watch with him.

One of the great things about being a member of our local PBS station, KCPT, is that there are many character events where your child gets to have the opportunity to meet their favorite characters.  The Rookie is looking forward to April 11th at the Kansas City Zoo from 10pm to 2pm to meet Sid.  KCPT and Sid will be celebrating Earth Day with some eco-friendly activities for the entire family.  If you happen to be in the Kansas City area on the 11th, be sure to stop by the Zoo to meet Sid!

They cover the most basic of concepts from primary and secondary colors to water changing into steam, all in the way that you have come to expect from a kids show on PBS.

Sid the Science KidIt is shows like Sid the Science Kid that can help bring the family together in a fun, entertaining, and educational way.  Now, I am sharing that love of science with you.  I have a DVD copy of Sid the Science Kid: Encyclopedia of Discovery to give away to you. This has 26 mini-episodes that your child will want to watch over and over.  The episodes cover everything from math, exploration, science, astronomy, and time. What a better way to have your child watch TV.

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Full Disclosure: KCPT and NCircle Entertainment provided me a copy of the DVD and the Sid the Science Kid event at the Kansas City Zoo but that in no way affected the views of this post. 

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