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It’s amazing how one little thing can really change things. It can revive your passion for something that you were about ready to stop doing all together. If you have followed The Rookie Dad facebook page you probably already know what I am talking about.

I was quoted on The Today Show!

This came as a complete shock to me. In fact I didn’t know that this had even happened until a few of my friends brought it to my attention. I forgot that I even said what they quoted me saying.

It turns out that a couple of years ago, I made a comment about how frustrating it is that there are no changing tables in the men’s restroom and The Today Show by some miracle just found the quote and used only two words of it, “incredibly frustrating.”

However, this is true, it is “incredibly frustrating” that most men’s restrooms do NOT have a changing table. I don’t have to worry about it much now that the Kid is potty trained. When he was still in diapers, I can not count the times that I would have to do what the dad did in the story and change the Kid on the floor of the bathroom. Either that or I would take him back out to Mrs. Rookie Dad and have her change him.

The unexpected response from those two words on national TV though helped revive something in me that I loved being able to escape to. It helped me remember why I started my blog in the first place, to leave the stories for my son to read about him. Also something to show his future wife or husband when they want something embarrassing on him.

There was something else that came from my 3 seconds of fame (besides a sudden influx of new Likes on my Facebook page), it made me see yet another reason I continue to blog; it is because there is someone out there that is going through the same thing that I am going through and wanting to realize that he/she is not alone.

I want all dads, (and moms in the same breath) to know that they are not alone. It is stories like what The Today Show did that show the struggle that dads go through on a daily basis that in the end highlight the good that dads are doing. It is blogs like mine, like Dads Round Table, and many others that are making it known that dads are involved and dads are here to stay.


  1. Mike Smith June 30, 2014 at 12:54 PM

    I love your last line! “…making it known that dads are involved and dads are here to stay.” I’m now a grandfather, but I try to help young fathers to be the best dads they can be.

  2. TheJackB June 30, 2014 at 2:09 PM

    Nicely done. When we all keep pushing good things happen.


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