Iron Chef vs. Picky Eater

Today is Opening Day, and normally I would be writing about how excited I am. There is one game that has gotten more attention over the last few days then the beloved game of baseball.


Not getting me to eat, I love to eat. Put something in front of me and I will more than likely eat it (why is it that it seems my posts seem to be getting more sexual? or is my mind just in the gutter that much).

The Kid, has the hardest time eating. We try to make him feel like a big kid. Took the tray off the high chair and let him eat off the table, that worked the first time. We let him eat without cutting anything up, that worked again the first time. You would have thought that we found the winning combination. Not so much.

I do not think it is my cooking. I mean making chicken nuggets and hot dogs do take alot out of me but I know that they are not awful. I would use Bud Light has my secret ingredient, but that would remind me of bad times in college and I do not think that SRS would like that.

We very rarely give the Kid time out. Since his eating has gone south for the spring, we decided that for one night we needed to bring it back. He would not eat anything, time out was to get him to eat. Of course when we put him in his crib he would scream and scream, he thought he was going to baby jail, and once he calmed down we brought him back to the table. He did not eat again and gave him another time out.

I am sure that most people reading this are going to tell me that the Kid was just not hungry. He had not eaten since lunch and had only been drinking water, so he needed to eat.

When the Kid calmed down after his second session in his jail cell we brought him back to the table and magically he ate the chicken nuggets that I slaved over the microwave for 30 seconds to cook.

This phase is going to get old quickly. You would think that he would be hungry right?

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  1. thelifeofjamie April 5, 2012 at 8:39 AM

    I have this problem. My kids don’t eat dinner probably 5 nights a week. We eat around 5:30-6:00ish and we stopped snacks after 3 and we stopped making a big deal out of eating. It didn’t change much, but it made the stress on us a lot easier now that we don’t care. We always make sure that something we know they will eat (peppers, olives, apples) is on their plate. I feel for you! I hate dinner time more than anything!

  2. lexy3587 April 5, 2012 at 8:57 AM

    my cousin ate just peanut butter sandwiches for nearly a year. JUST. no cookies, no chicken, no jelly beans. JUST peanut butter sandwiches. My aunt is a doctor and no longer tells the parents of picky eaters to ‘just make them eat it’. plus side – my cousin survived his childhood, your son can survive a few nights of foodlessness. hope the phase goes quickly!

  3. When the Kids Go To Bed April 5, 2012 at 11:13 AM

    Frustrating, tiring, all-in-all AWFUL. It’s a phase and I hope it goes by quickly for you. There is no magical answer.


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