During a recent move, my running really took a hit. Between endless night packing and fixing random items in our old home, I just didn’t have the energy to hit the pavement.

There was one thing that I was excited about though.


Takes One - The Rookie Dad

At our old home, there really was not many places to run that didn’t involve running on the streets or a lonely dirt road. There was a park that had a trail around it but it was only about three quarters of a mile and wasn’t much of a challenge for me. It also got to be rather old running on the same path over and over again.

Little did I know what exactly I was in for when we moved further into the city.

Hills… and lots of them.

The challenge excited me. I wanted to conqor the nearly 100 foot climb over a quarter of a mile.

I didn’t realize what I was in for though. My body wasn’t ready for it. My legs were soar just half way up the climb.

2 miles felt more like 4 miles. What made all of this worse was my trek to the trail that I have been running on has only one way back… up that 100 foot climb.

I’m making it sound like I am climbing Everest because it does feel like it but the other day, everything came together for one great run.

Now, before I go any further, let me say that I did take a route that was almost going to guarentee that I was going to break a PR. Most of the way was either going to be flat or downhill.

As I went out for the run, I was feeling good. I had made it up the first 25 foot hill knowing that there was the 100 foot downhill section coming up. Speeding down the hill, I make the turn into the park and onto the flat trail for the next mile.

The falling leaves, alone on the trail, as music rang in my ears had me cruising at what felt like break neck speed.

I looked down at my watch as I hit the 2 mile point and saw a time that I was not used to seeing at that time. I’m sure that as people were driving by as I was running on the sidewalk wondering why there was such a big smile on my face. Knowing there was going to be another big downhill coming up, I kept up my pace.

I cruised down the hill wondering if I could keep the pace up to break a 5K PR that I have been aiming for, for a while. I made another turn on a trail to avoid the huge climb back so I could break a PR.

Runners were going by going to the other direction waving and could tell that I was in a groove. I hit the 5K mark and looked down, unsure if I had broke my PR but knew the time was good.

I finish the 4 mile run and look down to see my watch tell me, NEW RECORD! I was hoping and wishing that it was going to be the 5K but the next screen showed something that I wasn’t ready for.

Mile PR - The Rookie Dad

8:01 Fasted Mile!

Now to some I realize that this isn’t anything earth shattering. But this was in my to-do list to run an 8:00 mile.

And while I was feeling rather down because I had to run these hills, I realized that even though some of this run was downhill, running those uphills were helping me in the flats.

It was just the encouragement I needed to keep going.

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