Kid vs. Nutcracker

It started out as a normal holiday season, putting a tree up, garland all around, Christmas lights up outside, and the ever popular nutcracker.

The Kid approached the nutcracker with caution.  Not realizing what this new creature was as it just stood there, stiffer then one of the Queen’s Guard in England.  He was perplexed.  He thought he owned the living room floor, except for when dad came over to tell him to stop doing something.  Staring at it as if to say, “This place is mine now leave!”

Get out of here (© The Rookie Dad)

Then out of no where, the Kid started to bawl! Tears flowing, cries like to hear in a hunted house on Halloween.   I look over at him to see why he is crying, only to see that he is pushing the nutcracker against the wall.  I began to wonder, “He must not like it?”

I told him that he could just walk away and that it was not going to hurt him.  That did not work.  I moved the nutcracker across the room which worked, for a while.

I then hear from across the room a cry again.  The Kid was not near the nutcracker at this point.  I look up just in time to see him run from across the room to push the nutcracker down.  At this point I knew that we had a problem in our hands.  The Kid thought that his place was being invaded by little British looking solders.

I had to act, quickly.  There was soon going to be a stand-off and I am sure that the Kid would win but, I wanted some peace in the house.  So in desperate plea I reach behind the nutcracker and pull on the handle to open his mouth and proceeded to talk to the Kid through the nutcracker.

© The Rookie Dad

The Kid had no idea what to think.  He stepped back and listened.  Looked at me then back at the nutcracker.  Then as quickly as he cried when he saw it for the first time, he laughed.  I continued to talk to him using the nutcracker.  Making sure to tell the Kid that he came in peace and was not here to hurt anyone.   The Kid continued to laugh and it was then that I knew I brought peace back to the living room.

Without hesitation I stopped using the nutcracker to talk and the Kid walked away to play with another toy that got his attention.  He looked back and ran back to the nutcracker laughing, he stood and watched it.  Expecting it to speak.

I thought to myself, “Oh god what did I just get myself into!”


  1. thelifeofjamie December 6, 2011 at 9:16 AM

    You got yourself into 25 more days of making a nutcracker talk…way to go!

  2. Heroic Fatherhood December 6, 2011 at 6:21 PM

    Too funny! Your solution is a great technique that I also stumbled on with my son. I talk to him as characters in books that he doesn’t like or thinks are too scary. It almost always works. And then, yes, he often wants to talk to them the next time around. Part of the dad’s job, right?


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