The Rookie is now of the age where Legos are big in his life. Take one look in his room and you’ll see the massive amount of storage bins that already contain the bricks.

It also seems that after he comes home from school his favorite program to watch on TV is Ninjago, the Lego Ninjas if you aren’t familiar with the show. It doesn’t matter how nice the day is, he wants to watch the show.

Legoland Discovery Center - The Rookie Dad

When the Legoland Discovery Center Kansas City opened up, the Rookie was too young to fully appreciate Legos and so we saw no point in going because he wouldn’t really understand what and where we were.

Knowing that it was only a matter of time before going to Legoland Discovery Center Kansas CIty we knew that it was now or keep fighting.

Fighting we did… against the crowds.

Legoland Discovery Center Kansas City has a nice set up with timed ticketing and choosing when you enter into the land to avoid the crowds.  We got there early and were still fighting the crowds on a Saturday.

Even when it was our turn to go into Legoland Discovery Center, we had to wait in line. From the moment we walked up, the line it took us 20 minutes to actually get to the exhibit. My advice, skip the pictures that they almost force you to take and pass up the other people in line. You might get a few dirty looks but then you won’t feel like you need to by an overpriced picture taken while you are waiting there.

We were there during Star Wars days so there was a pretty neat Star Wars exhibit that we stopped at. Most of it was just characters from the show built out of Legos and there was one interactive place that allowed you to shoot different vehicles from the movie.

Legoland Discovery Center  - The Rookie Dad

As you walk through the center, there is Kingdom Quest Laser Ride. This is a ride in which you are able to shoot at moving targets on a screen as a rollercoaster type car takes you around. Honestly, this was probably the highlight for the Rookie of Legoland Discovery Center. He loved shooting things and riding in a car.

One of my personal favorite sections was the Miniland. Miniland, depending on where you are is an area of Legos built to attractions that are local to the area. It was really neat seeing the Country Club Plaza, Arrowhead Stadium, Kauffman Stadium, Union Station and the Kansas City Skyline all built out of Legos. Being that it was Star Wars days, stormtroopers were taking over each of the buildings which was pretty cool in my opinion.

Legoland Discovery Center  - The Rookie Dad

Outside of those two exhibits, there isn’t much else. There is a giant play set and Lego Racers area that allows you to build your own car and race it down ramps. I mentioned crowds already right? Well at the time this was the most popular place and kids were running around taking whatever Legos they wanted and running over other children. I realize that this isn’t necessarily the Discovery Centers fault, but it is one place to just avoid if you visit.

We also stood in line at Merlin’s Apprentice Ride and eventually just gave up. However, it did look like a fun ride as you got to pedal around on a carousel.

The highlight of the entire trip though is the store. This is a place that if you are a true Lego fanatic, be sure to stop at and be ready to spend some money. One of the things that Mrs. Rookie Dad and I noticed was that the prices are actually cheaper than in a retail store. Also, you can stop in the store at any time without getting a ticket to Legoland Discovery Center.

In my honest opinion, I was disappointed in Legoland Discovery Center. It didn’t feel all that interactive and when it was, you had to fight the crowds and deal with unruly kids. It might have been the day that we visited and if you visit during non-peak hours the kids and parents could be a lot different. I would just head next door and spend your time at Sea Life and then spend your money on the Legos in the store. That being said, if your someone who is big into Legos this will be a place to go to just to say that you have been there.

However, if you are interested in going to Legoland Discovery Center Kansas City, tickets are $18 per person unless you buy online and they are $15.30 and even with the timed ticketing, be prepared to wait in line.

Full Disclosure: I was provided tickets to Legoland Discovery Center Kansas City however the review of Legoland Discovery Center is my own and not influenced by any other party.

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