There was an excitement in your eye this past weekend.  Much like the same excitement that I experienced when I was your age.  In fact, seeing how excited you were when we told you that we were getting ready for Christmas took me back to when I was a kid.

This time of year was always my favorite time of year, next to the last day of school.  Many nights I couldn’t sleep because I was too eager for Christmas.  Many times, I would forget that there is another holiday that is smack dab in the middle of Halloween and Christmas.


When I was your age, this was just another day that got in the way of getting my presents on the 25th of December.  Spending all that time with the grandparents and cousins was just a teaser for what was coming and it was ANNOYING!

Thanksgiving - The Rookie Dad
Spending the past weekend doing some Holiday Shopping

This past weekend it annoyed you when we were cooking dinner because you knew that once we were done eating, the Christmas decorations were going up.  You didn’t even eat your dinner that Mrs. Rookie Dad and I slaved over the entire afternoon.

Now, the Christmas season might have hit our house but we must remember to give our thanks this time of year.  There is so much that we can be thankful for.  At your age you might not realize it, but we should be thankful that we were able to eat.  We should be thankful that we are able to cover up and sleep at night (or in your case be able to wake up and come in the same room as mom and dad).  We should be thankful that we are in a much better time our lives compared to last year at this time.

I realize that it is difficult for you to think about this.  Thanksgiving isn’t high on your list of priorities right now.  I have been there.  Your mind is focused on seeing presents wrapped and under the tree.  And maybe this is the older wiser dad in me coming out, but we need to slow down just a bit and enjoy the time we will be spending with the family this upcoming week.

There is no way that I can explain to you just how special this Thanksgiving is going to be.  Your grandmother just had surgery that turned out better than expected and we will be with family that we are very thankful are able to spend holiday with us this year.  You will be seeing cousins that you only see about once a year.  You will be visiting places you only go about once a year.  Let’s be thankful for that.

Because, Rookie, I am thankful that I am able to spend the holiday with you and your mother.



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