Dear Kid,

Ok I do not know where you get off. You will not, I repeat WILL NOT sleep!

We can put you into bed and read to you but you have learned that as long as you are awake we will not leave. Why won’t we leave? Well you scream. Not just any scream. You scream bloody murder. You reach notes higher than I can when you hit me in the groin with the corner of a book.

You will not let us leave the room without starting to whimper and then into that cry. You will not calm down so that you can go to sleep. Last week we knew you were sick and so we did coddle you. Now, you are feeling better. There is no excuse for this.

letter to my son on going to sleep

I know that you want to spend time with mommy and me. You want to play with us all night long, I have no problem with that. I love playing with you! I would not trade the time that I have with you for the world. I am really looking forward to the days that I get to play catch with you in our backyard, coach your baseball team, and teach you how to ride a bike, and even launch one of your Thomas the Tank Engines into space.

However, we will not be able to do this if you will not sleep. Sleep is crucial. If you do not sleep you are tired. Not only that but you will make mommy and daddy tired which results in the two of us being cranky and fighting against one another. We do not want that do we?

So please I’m begging you… sleep!


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