Happy 4th Birthday! I don’t really even know where to start. There is so much that I want to tell you but it is so difficult to put it all to words.

It seemed like just yesterday that you were just starting to walk. Suddenly there was nothing in our house that was safe. Then you started to talk and mom and dad never were able to have a quite dinner conversation again.

And now here we are, celebrating your 4th birthday!

I want to tell you just how proud of you I am. In this last year there have been many changes that have made a major impact on both your life and my life.  I went from being a stay at home dad to a working dad and you changed daycare twice.  All of this was while your mother was going to law school.

The daily stress of working 40 hours a week has made me realize that I may not be the best father. There are times that I gripe at you and tell you over and over again to not do something. It isn’t because I am a hard ass. It might sound like that and quite frankly, it feels like that to me sometimes. I don’t want to be that type of dad. I don’t want you to think of me as that type of dad.

The best times that we have is when I am down on the floor playing with you. When I am away from my phone, unless I am taking a picture, and either playing Legos or wrestling. I am your human jungle gym and it makes me happy to know that you have put me in that role in your life.

4th Birthday

But this isn’t about the father that I am or want to be. This is about you and the fact that you are turning 4! I can’t believe it. Just like I told your mother last week for our anniversary, it feels so much longer than 4 years.  That is a good thing trust me.

Despite fighting you to go to sleep every night, the countless restless nights, and pleading you to eat your dinner… I still love you. I always have and always will. There is no other child that I would rather have than you. You are the reason that I go to work each and every day.  You are the center of countless stories that I tell. You are the reason I smile randomly during the day.

Speaking of smiling at random times during the day, when I dropped you off at school the other day you did something that had me smiling for most of the morning. Your best friend came up to you as soon as I dropped you off and gave you a HUGE hug as you both screamed each other names like two teenage girls who haven’t seen each other in a day.

It is moments like that, that make me proud as a father. Those little moments give me the satisfaction that I am doing things right as a dad.  I was concerned about that in the beginning but now 4 years in, I know that things will be just fine.

You have two loving parents who want to see you be the best that you can be. That is more than some children could ever ask for.

I love you,
The Rookie Dad

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