Dear Kid,

Have I told you lately  how fast you are growing up?  Was it not yesterday that I was a new dad trying to figure out how to put together the wagon you got on your first Christmas?  Surely it was yesterday when I was waking up at 3am to take care of you?  Those memories are so vivid in my head that it does not seem possible that you are almost turning two.

Mom is starting law school on Monday and that resulted in us finding a new day-care for you. I know that you have heard alot of the conversation about this.  You might not understand what exactly is going on.  Soon you will.  Mommy and daddy are making a few changes in our life that will affect our family and this is one of them.  We hated to pull you from your old day-care provider, pulling you away from your friends, but this had to be done.

When we introduced you to the new day-care, it sounded like things went well and you did not even notice a difference.  You immediately made a friend who you sat next to at lunch and probably started yammering on about how cool “Choo Choos” are maybe even the quadratic equation, I do not know what you kids talk about.   We knew that you would adjust well and it sounds like you will.

Kid, you are after my heart lately.  You have been all about the Choo Choos.  I have no problem with this.  I was into them as a kid too and I am glad this is something other than baseball that I can pass down to you.  You wake up and say “Choo Choos” you go to sleep saying “Choo Choos.”  I would bet that you woke up last night at midnight because you had a dream that Thomas the Tank Engine died.  I will wait a few years to tell you that trains do not talk.  For the current time though, dad will have fun picking out your birthday gifts because let us be honest, it is really about what I want to play with more than you right?

© The Rookie Dad

You also love playing in the dirt.  Dad does too! He loves to get down and dirty.  I can not wait until you can help us even more in the garden.  Mommy and Daddy are trying to find a way to build you a dirt box because you are the biggest pest to our garden.  Do not get us wrong we love that you are playing in it, maybe not so much the bath after words, but we need to figure out a way for you to not kill our plants.  If you have any ideas please let us know.

© The Rookie Dad

Kid, you really are a cute kid. Probably one of the cutest, ok not probably, you ARE the cutest kid.  You have inherited your mom’s love of reading and your dad’s love of ice cream.  It is going to be so excited what you grow up and become a man.  I hope that I can teach you some of the life lessons that I have learned and what not to do.  I love you!




  1. Jennifer Weberman (@Dr_Weberman) August 18, 2012 at 10:19 AM

    Hi Brandon,
    I love this post and I love the idea of your son reading this when he’s older and seeing himself through your eyes. How special. Thanks for your thoughtful content. I look forward to reading more.

  2. JB August 21, 2012 at 11:44 PM

    I am a big fan of the blogged “letter”. I love this. I can relate to this, and I wish you and your family luck on the changes coming. As your wife heads to law school mine heads to a Masters in Counseling, and we are downsizing from a rental house into a 2bed 2bath apartment on campus.

    Letters like these are nice to have so they can be looked back on and given. They’re specific without being too personal. And it gives someone reading it the feeling that we stumbled upon a treasure of someone’s memorobelia.

    1. therookiedad August 22, 2012 at 12:06 AM

      JB it is funny that you mention that these are a good way to look back for him. A comment was made I believe after you left the hangout that a blog is a 21st century photo album, and check back tomorrow for the whole post! Ha!


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