Letter to the Kid

Dear Kid,

It has been a while since I have written.  I am sorry that I haven’t been able to it has just been that you are keeping mommy and myself really busy.  You are such an active little boy.

Your favorite new game is chase.  You run away from me in the kitchen and laugh as you go around the corner, waiting and watching to see if I will come run after you.   When you hear my feet stomp across the floor you scamper off laughing around another corner.  Then out of the blue you start chasing me!  You always get me however.

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For the first time since you were born, you have not been to the doctor in about a month! Which at the rate you were getting ear infections we are shocked you have not had one since November after your surgery.  Speaking of surgery, you probably do not remember, but you had eye surgery!  It was only to clear up a clogged tear duct, which is fairly common, but both mommy and daddy were nervous for the whole two and half minutes we had to sit in the waiting room until they called us back to see you.  Yup that is right it was only a 2 minute procedure worth $1400.  Jeez, I hope that when you are old enough to have to worry about medical insurance it is cheaper for you.

There are a lot of great things happening in our house, I’m sure you can tell, since mommy is spending a lot of time working on something in the office.   I wish I could tell you what is going on, but you wouldn’t understand right now anyway.  Maybe in a few months when you are talking.   When are you going to start talking?  You babble all the time and I swear you are having a conversation with us.   The other day when I walked into the room I thought you said, “Whats Up Daddy?”  I had to do a double take, I knew that you wouldn’t be really saying that but then again, it wouldn’t surprise me if you did start talking in full on sentences right away.

You are getting so fun to play around with.  I love playing with you and your Little People.  You love playing with the speedway ramp that we got you for Christmas, you always win.  How do you always pick the car that will go down the ramp the fastest?  I want to know your secret.

There are many things I am looking forward to.  With spring training and baseball just around the corner, I can picture us on the back lawn playing catch.   I’m looking forward to playing in the snow (if we ever get any this winter).  I’m looking forward to sharing your first experience at Allen Fieldhouse to watch a Kansas Jayhawks game.  I’m looking forward to going out on bike rides with you.   More importantly, I’m looking forward to spending each and everyday with you, helping you grow and become a great man someday, just like what my dad taught me.

Mommy and I wouldn’t want anything different.  You are perfect kid!



  1. x4kiss January 30, 2012 at 8:21 AM

    Oh my gosh, what a beautiful blog…. brought tears to my eyes.

  2. thelifeofjamie January 30, 2012 at 9:42 AM

    my husband had a minor procedure in a surgical clinic that lasted 15 minutes and cost 20,000 dollars. I realize that is not the point of your post, but thought I would share.

    1. therookiedad January 30, 2012 at 9:45 AM

      Your right it isn’t the point of the post… however I’m looking at how much we spent on him medical wise over the last year and HOLY CRAP!


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