Letting Go

Today was a first for me and my wife.   It was the first time we had to let William go to daycare.   I was the one who took him to the daycare provider and I’m going to say that it was rather difficult leaving him with someone that I have only met once.  I actually felt kind of awkward leaving him with someone else even though I trusted her completely.  I’ll compare it to when you see a parent leave their child at school for the first time, you know that your child doesn’t want to go and you don’t want to leave them but you know you have to for their betterment.

Aunt Amy’s Christmas Gift From Russia (William and Chiberaskha are best pals)

As much as we didn’t want to see time come,  I know that now our lives are finally getting back to normal.  We’ve been so busy that it has been difficult to get William onto a schedule but now we can finally get him started on one since everything will be happening the way that we had talked about way before William made his entrance into the world.   It gives me another sense of normalcy now too.  I’m looking forward to taking care of William on the three days that I am off of work.  Granted I realize that it will be rather difficult task these first few weeks considering I can only lift him with one arm.  But I’m up to the task.

Now I must issue an apology.   I’ve been reading through some of my previous post and I realize that I have been a bit negative in them.  Mainly towards my wife.  I don’t want to send the wrong impression.  She is an incredible loving and wondering mother and wife.  In the two months of little William’s life I have seen her transform into someone who can give more love then I have ever seen someone give.  Between all the late night feedings, diaper changes, and times that William won’t sleep but I have to be up and at work at 6:30am I can’t believe all the things she has been able to do with William and around the house on the little sleep that she is getting.  I just wanted to let her know that I appreciate everything that she has been doing despite the way that I have portrayed her in this blog.   I love you babe! You are my everything and my life would pretty much suck without you.

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