I realize as I sit here and write this, that this has not been or will the last time that we end up letting go of the Rookie. There was the time that he first went to daycare. There will be a time that I drop him off for his first day of school. The first day he goes to work at his first job. The day he graduates high school.

Letting go of the Rookie this last time though meant something a lot more.

It was one of those moments that has become a milestone in parenting. Mostly because it is a moment in which your child has one more glimpse at freedom to the world. Instead of being limited to just the neighbor’s house, they are now able to go to town… literally.

Before we go any further let give a disclaimer that we will not let the Rookie go to town when we officially let him go from this milestone.

We knew that this moment was coming, in fact we knew whenever it took place, and it was going to happen sooner rather than later. It was time for it to happen. Letting go of the Rookie couldn’t wait any longer.

The moment we ended up letting go of him on his new bicycle, was not only in a physical sense a huge accomplishment but it meant that the Rookie was one more step towards making his way in building the trust of us, his parents.

Letting Go - The Rookie Dad

We weren’t sure if we were able to let go of him on that bike. We had an idea that we could because, he had proven to us that he could do it on his balance bike. The moment though that we added a degree of difficulty of pedaling into the equation, it made building that trust just a bit harder.

It is still a challenge for the Rookie. He is still learning that the moment mom and dad let go of him, it is all up to him.

The Rookie knows that the moment he needs us, we will be right there by his side, no matter what. He will continue to fall as he works on this new life challenge, but he knows that right there next to him, we are there, to help him and encourage him to keep trying. We are able to be his support when he scraps his elbow or has a bad case of road rash. It won’t always be that way.

First, it is the bike and before we know it we will be giving him the keys to a car and quickly after that he will be off to college. Eventually, he will be off to start a family of his own. This letting go thing won’t get any easier.

There will be a time when we are not able to be there to make sure that he is OK. Much like the moments that we are still right there by his side while he makes an attempt to ride his bike, he will be at our side when we need him the most.

Little did the Rookie know that the simple act of letting go during his first bike ride meant so much more than we all thought?

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  1. Larry April 27, 2015 at 8:19 PM

    There is that moment – absolutely. When they realize it, and then keep going – it’s all good. Good job by the rookie.


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