If you weren’t aware, the Rookie started kindergarten a few weeks ago. In the end, it isn’t all too much different from him going to pre-school in the sense that he had to be there at a particular time and picked up by a certain time. The only difference really is that I no longer take him into school. I wait in line while the idiot parents who sport the “my kid’s on the honor roll” bumper sticker of their minivan hold up the line and drop him off in front of the school. He says, “bye daddy!” and I drive off waving at him holding back tears.

These last five years, six depending on how exact you want to be, have been relatively free and clear. That is if you look at our calendar which, never really had much on it. Except for a three-week period last summer when the Rookie played t-ball. Or the occasional law school formal event the Mrs. Rookie Dad required asked me to attend with her. I knew at some point that it was all going to change. Events would be added, and our cars (we have yet to take the dive to a Minivan or SUV) would be shuttling the Rookie and his sidekick around like a transit bus.

Our lives got busy quickly.

It seemed once we finished taking the test to determine if the school wants your kid or not enrollment of Kindergarten the schedule started to fill up. So much so that we needed a separate Google Calendar just for the events that the Rookie is involved in. Between back to school night, baseball games, PTA meetings, and the occasional play date there would be no way to keep it straight unless our phone would send us a notification letting us know where he should be in the next 10 minutes.

Busy - The Rookie Dad


As a parent, this is just what your life becomes. There is not much that actually prevents us from giving our children the opportunities that they want to take part in. We want them to be able to experience life to it’s fullest, even if that means sacrificing our social calendars.

It starts from day one.

It seems as though the moment we find out that we are going to in fact be parents, the busyness of life begins. There are doctors appointments to go to, projects to work on the house to prepare for said baby, and more and more doctors appointments the closer baby comes.

The moment you leave the hospital holding your child in your arms, it doesn’t stop. More doctors appointments, visitors, Target runs, on top of everything that you were already doing in your own life, because you somehow think you can keep doing what you have always been doing despite having a baby. (don’t get me wrong, I know it is possible)

I say all of this on a week when my life seems to have calmed down just a bit. Take a look back at last week for just one second and you will realize just how busy life can sometimes be.

Four out of the five nights of the previous week, I had to work late. The one night I didn’t, the Rookie had baseball practice… and guess who the head coach is? Yup, me. Then on the weekend, a baseball game (which eventually ended up being canceled due to rain).

This all happened in the week that Mrs. Rookie Dad went back to work after maternity leave.

How do we make it work?

Somehow, we make it work. There are things that we gladly do for our kids, even if that means shuttling them back and forth from baseball practice to the school carnival, on the same night. Not that that isn’t happening next week.

It’s what we do, though. As parents, we somehow make it all work. It might seem crazy at the moment and it might feel like our minivan (that we don’t have… yet) is our home but the smile that our children bring to our face makes all of that busyness of our life, worth every minute.

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