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We were only 2 hours into our 8-hour road trip to Chicago when I looked into the back seat. Both of my boys had their heads down and into a screen. It was quiet, almost too quiet. That is when I saw it…

The back seat, messier than an 8-year-olds bedroom. 

I could have written it off. Knowing that there were another 6 hours to go before we arrived in Chicago. Somewhere on the Kansas City Chicago Expressway in Missouri, I started to wonder what my two kids could have done in the back seat to make a mess like that. 

They had been staring at a screen for the last hour so that meant that the spilled pack of beef jerky happened within an hour of leaving Kansas City. The books that had quickly been forgotten once the “we have to be out of the metro area to turn on any screens” rule had passed. 

Phillips 66 Live To The Full Road Trip

I could feel myself tense up. Not only were there 6 hours left in our trip, but we had the several hours we would spend driving around Chicago and the 8 hours (what ended up being 9 and a half) hours back to Kansas City once our trip was over. All of that time would be spent with that back seat full of trash from our several pit-stops along the way and with toys that had quickly been forgotten about. 

Turning back to focus on the road ahead, I thought about the things that I had done to prepare our car for this road trip. I spent the morning before we left at Phillips 66, cleaning out the trunk making sure that we had room for all of our luggage. 

I made sure that our gas tank was filled up so that we could, in theory, make it to Chicago on one tank of gas. 

And I made sure that the car was clean and ready for the memories that we were going to fill it up with along the way. 

Vacuuming for Family Road Trip

As I looked back in the rearview mirror as my kids missed all of the landmarks on the side of the road, to enthralled with whatever game they happen to be playing or movie they were watching, I told myself that even though I might have just cleaned this car earlier that morning, these were the memories that we were all going to remember.

The time dad pulled off on the side of the road just so that he could see a Paul  Bunyan statue holding a hot dog. The time that dad thought that going through St. Louis would be faster to get back to Kansas City and ended up hitting rush hour traffic. Or the time that dad got lost in Hannibal, , Missouri trying to find a place to eat.

Paul Bunyan Holding A Hot Dog on Route 66

Phillips 66 helps us Live to the Full on these great summer road trips. Creating memories that a messy back seat wouldn’t dissolve. Then without warning, a family road trip karaoke favorite came on the radio, Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen and it was one more checkmark on our memory-making road trip to Chicago.

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