Love Letter to the Kid and Mom

Dear Rookie and Mrs. Rookie Dad,

Today is Valentine’s Day! A day to show how much one loves and cares for another.  To quote Up All Night “Everyday is Valentine’s Day with you.”

Love Letter
© The Rookie Dad

It is true.  The two of you show how much you love me everyday.  You still love me despite my flaws.  There are times when I can not be around because of work and when I come home, it is like I haven’t been gone all day.

Even though there might be days where I am not the best of husbands or fathers you guys still love me.  Rookie, you still kiss me when I pick you up from the crib.  Mrs. Rookie Dad, you still smile when I come home from work and kiss you when you are sleeping.

I love you both!  The two of you are my world.   I wish that I could be around more to spend more time with you both but our time will come.   I am looking forward to when we can go on vacations together as a family, to when the Kid is playing in the backyard and Mrs. Rookie Dad and I are sitting on the deck, playing catch with the Rookie, spending the rest of my life with Mrs. Rookie Dad.

I don’t know where my life would be without the two of you.   I would probably be living alone in a small one bedroom apartment not getting out much.   Instead here I am married, a home owner, and a father to one of the best Kids in the world.  I wouldn’t change anything!

The Rookie Dad


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  2. Your Loving Wife February 14, 2015 at 8:24 AM

    I love you, too! Although, goodness…that picture. My first instinct was to cringe: no makeup, hair a mess, unflattering head position leading to double chin. But then I saw what that picture is really about: it captured a moment in time full of happiness, without concern about posing and lighting and everything. Our little boy has his arms wrapped around his Mommy and is smiling at Daddy doing goofy things with a camera. This is actually quite a perfect picture. Thanks, babe.


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