Low-Tech: Step 2 (Put Down the Phone)

I have hit the second step in the my High-Tech to Low-Tech process (name change soon as I realize this isn’t the best name)

Here is a list of my steps again…

  1. Turn off the TV, turn on the radio
  2. Put the iPhone down
  3. Sit down play/read to the Kid
  4. Read more myself

Step 2 of this process has proven to be more difficult then expected.

I have realized that my iPhone is my lifeline… after my wife of course.  I almost can’t put this thing down.  I’m sitting down watching TV, of course i’m tweeting/facebook/playing a game.  I’m sitting on the porcelain throne, well of course what is the only thing to be doing during that time?

As I continue to try and push through this process, I’ve realized just how much time I am on the phone.  I have got to figure out some way to put it down.   My phone goes off every minute with another tweet or someone commented on facebook or there is breaking news.  I need to get out of this mentality that I must know what is going on in the world and always connected.

I think I’ll need something to help out the withdrawls of this step!



  1. Adam @Hanging with Dad November 22, 2011 at 9:32 AM

    I try to limit my use of a smartphone to when Isaac’s napping/sleeping, playing with mommy or off at school. Granted it doesn’t give me all day to do it, but I just remind myself that I’d rather have one relationship with my son than with 100 people online.

  2. plutonym November 23, 2011 at 9:19 AM

    I had this same debate last night with my wife… “ok we are gonna stop watching tv in the evening and listen to music!”… “we will read more and talk more to the baby”…. “when she’s older we’ll sit around a big table and chat” etc etc…

    We’ll see how i feel tonight when i get home from a long day at work 🙂


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