I can’t believe that I am about to say this but in the same breath, part of me can believe this.

I lost the motivation.

motivation - the rookie dad

It started last week. I had a terrible run and I couldn’t over come the defeat that only 3 miles had given me. My legs hurt, I was out of breath, and more importantly I felt like I wasn’t getting anywhere during my runs.

From that point, I had stopped waking up to go running. Mrs. Rookie Dad was starting to get upset at me for letting the alarm go off for an hour and half before actually waking up. I would set out my clothes and put my shoes right next to the bed, hoping that doing so would motivate me to wake up and run.

It didn’t work.

After a week, I started to get the itch. Once you start running on a regular basis and it becomes part of your daily routine you will know what I am talking about. I needed my running fix. All week long my muscles were soar and my mood had been worse than normal. My feet on the other hand were looking up at me, calling me to put on my running shoes, open the door, and run.

Out of nowhere, that run, the run after a weeks rest, was one of my best runs to date. I didn’t break any personal records, but it felt like everything was coming together. My mile paces were faster than normal. My legs felt like they could carry me more than the 3 miles that I had run and when I finished, I had a smile on my face.

That is motivation.

It might seem odd that I look at a run as motivation but when it comes together like that, it is. The next day, I went out and felt the same way. I wanted to go more than the 3 miles that I had gone but I was saving up the longer run on Saturday.

Sometimes that is what it takes, some time off. While running might be something that you love to do, at some point like in any relationship, distance makes the heart grow fonder. It didn’t matter that I was thinking about running the entire time that I was not running, because it made me really think about why I was doing this.

It made me remember that I am doing this to better my health for my family. I am not doing this to get six pack abs or ripped muscles. I am doing this so that I can have a long healthy life for my family.

If you are losing that motivation that you had in the beginning, take a short break. Make it short and really think about why you are doing what you are doing. Then you will find the motivation that you need.

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