One fleeting moment. That is all it took for the Rookie to take my heart a way. In that one moment, I realized just how much the Rookie looks up to me and the things that I do.

The window is open beside me, my feet are up in the easy chair. The crack of the bat is coming from the TV. For a brief moment, I look up to see the ball leave the ball park off one of the players that I am watching closely who is on my fantasy baseball team. I shake my fist in jubilation know that it is helping me out this week. I need all of the help I can get this week.

Suddenly, the Rookie is climbing up in the chair with me. It could have been the popcorn that I popped earlier in the evening but I believe there is something more to it than that.

Moment - The Rookie Dad

As the next batter comes up I am asked who I would like to win the game. I tell him that I would like the Chicago Cubs to win. I could see the confusion in his eyes as he looked at me wondering why we weren’t watching the Kansas City Royals or the Colorado Rockies. It is something that he will soon understand that there are teams that we root for that are not our favorite. This rings true for fantasy baseball players.

With popcorn in my lap and the Rookie sitting next to me, he starts to watch the baseball game. Reaching in to grab a fistful of popcorn now and then. With a count of 1 and 1 to the Cub rookie, Kris Bryant (also on my fantasy team) I hear, “I see a one by a one daddy, what does that mean?”

With the Rookie tugging ever so gently at my heart I explain that the first one means there is one ball and the second one means there is a strike.

Strike two to the Cubs rookie.

“Hey dad, he has two strikes!” as the Rookie reaches in to grab another handful of popcorn.

“Yes, yes he does buddy!” I say looking down at him and rub the top of his head in a moment when I could not feel any more proud.

As Kris Bryant struck out the Rookie climbed out of my lap and went about playing with his Legos.

To most, this moment while it might have only lasted a few brief minutes, has been one of the few moments that I have been waiting for as a father. Of course there have been many moments leading up to sitting there, in that chair with the Rookie as he asked me about the game of baseball that are more important than this particular moment. A moment like this is hard to explain. Like Kevin Costner in the Field of Dreams when he asked his dad, “Hey, you wanna have a catch?”

We all have moments that we cling onto. They might not be the most important events in our lives but they are the moments that live in our hearts forever.

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