You have never heard me talk about him, but behind each post that I write is the inspiration of Oren Miller. Oren had a dream, that dads around the world would unite together as one and support each other. That is exactly what happened this past weekend. I have never seen a group of men mourn and support each other in the midst of tragedy.

This weekend Oren Miller lost his battle to lung cancer and while I may not have met him, the impact that he had on the dad community was huge. What Oren started was a Facebook group of dad bloggers that would help support, give advice, and shoot the bull with each other. He said it was, “so crazy it might just work.” As a result, what has come from the Dad Bloggers group, is much more than a bunch of dads asking for help. Now it has become a brotherhood. It is a group that I am proud to say that I am apart of.  I am proud to say that I am a dad blogger.  Not just a dad blogger who is floating out on his own.  A dad blogger who has the support of nearly 1000 men whenever he needs it.

I have been a part of the group for nearly 2 years. Oren was the first person to welcome me into the group.  I never thanked him for the acceptance into the group, it is that moment that I look back at and regret. These past few months though, I have been more active within the group and realized the dream that Oren had. These dads, these men, are my friends. They are men I can count on.  I know that if I have something to say, out of the 1000’s of dads that are in the group, there will be someone who will understand, empathize, and be able to offer some form of support. You can always count on one of them to crack some joke easing the tension that sometimes rises.

There is always a defining moment within a group of people. Many of us thought that when Oren told us that he had cancer about a year ago that it was our moment. Many of us thought that he was going to beat it. As time passed, Oren had accepted his own mortality but still we thought that there was no way that this could happen.

As the dad blogger community mourns the loss of Oren Miller, many of us are reminded of just how much one man as touched many of our lives without ever having met each other. We will make it through this tragic time and we will all be closer and stronger because of it.

Oren Miller, this one is for you brother!

Oren Miller - The Rookie Dad
Oren Miller at the Dad 2.0 Summit in 2014.

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