Scary Monster

In the last week I have had some of the weirdest dreams, those that are so real that when you wake up you are not sure if you really sleeping or not. I will not go into an explanation to what the dreams were as they were very deep and scary. Scary is an understatement about these dreams. One was that Hot Mama was divorcing me (and then when I told her about it she laughed, tell me that does not make me feel real good about it) and the other was she cheated on me.

To any loving husband these dreams would scare them, which it has me. Hot Mama thinks I am stupid for the way I was acting after the divorcing dream. Which, I was, I will admit that. I was freaked out but what many of you may not realize is that there is a big scary monster in our house.

He comes without notice and unprovoked. He is loud and scary and probably causing these unnerving dreams that I have had lately. I was able to catch this monster on camera doing what he does to scare me…

I can not really attest to whether this is the reason behind my dreams or not but you have to admit… this dinosaur is rather scary.

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