Having worked in broadcast news in the Kansas City area before, I got my sneak peeks at some of the latest attractions to the city. When Sea Life Kansas City first opened, I was one of the first to be able to see inside. At the time, the Rookie was so little that he wouldn’t get a whole lot out of seeing it when he was younger. Things have changed. I knew that when I was getting my peek inside, however I didn’t look at it like I would when I took the Rookie.

The Rookie is now 4 and aquatic life is one of his many passions. He is a child who loves to watch Octonauts and wants to know all about fish and the things that live in the water.

That is what great about Sea Life Kansas City, they have figured out what keeps the interest of kids and made the adventure through the aquarium a remarkable experience.

You start out learning about the aquatic life of the surrounding area. Immediately, the Rookie was hooked (pun not intended). He has seen me fish so many times and catch some of the exact fish that he was seeing right in front of him, bigger ones that what I would normally catch. He was able to get face-to-face with catfish, carp, and the sunfish that he would catch. He was able to see them in their natural habitat and see where they liked to hang out in the water.

As with most aquariums, it isn’t so much about the fish you can see out at your local fishing hole, it is about the fish that you don’t get the opportunity to see.

Sea Life Kansas City - The Rookie Dad

When you transition to the Harbor life area of the aquarium it is possibly one of the most interactive areas of the Sea Life Kansas City. Here you get to stand up close and personal with a tidal pool and see how many of the tidal pools are made. Plus, the experience that they will always remember, when they get to touch shark eggs and starfish. Yes, you actually get to touch shark eggs. This was something at first that the Rookie was a little afraid to do, however, after he saw Mrs. Rookie Dad and myself touch he forgot all of his fears.

From the Harbor, Sea Life Kansas City becomes your normal aquarium. I say normal but what makes so much more than that is that Sea Life has built areas where you can nearly walk into the ocean and see the fish swimming around you. There are bubbles where you can step into and see a sting ray swim right by you. The Rookie loved those bubbles plus when he talked he could hear the echo of himself, which he did on several occasions.

Sea Life Kansas City - The Rookie Dad

Sea Life Kansas City has also embraced the interaction with kids and built an entire section for Octonauts. Here your child will be able to interact with the Octonauts and be able to help them on missions. Since the Rookie is big into Octonauts right now, this was one of the areas that we spent the most time at.

Sea Life Kansas City, has made their aquarium so kid friendly that if you are in Kansas City at all and are looking for something to do with your family, this is the place to go. Mrs. Rookie Dad had never been there before and the Rookie enjoyed it so much that we are considering getting a membership. That is just how much we loved Sea Life.

A Family Pass to Sea Life will run you $210 bucks, but that will get you entry to Sea Life Kansas City for 12 months, invitations to special preview days, 10% off at the store, and an exclusive behind the scenes tour. Again, this is something that I would highly recommend investing in because when you look at the price of individual tickets, you will more than likely save money going this route.

Single tickets for adults run $19, Children 3-19 will be $15, and 2 and under are free.

If you want my honest opinion, Sea Life Kansas City is an attraction you do not want to miss.

Full Disclosure: I was provided tickets to Sea Life Kansas City however the review of Sea Life is my own and not influenced by any other party. 


  1. PInParent May 14, 2015 at 11:03 AM

    We are actually going there in a few months. My daughter would love this. She loves the Octonauts too by the way. Lol! Thanks for the tip.

    1. The Rookie Dad May 17, 2015 at 10:17 PM

      Yes! It is a great place to visit! Glad you will be going.


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