There I was, standing feet in the sand, it was one of the first in life for me, watching the waves crashing on the shore of Cocoa Beach. A smile crept across my face as my wife, and I stood there looking out at the vast Atlantic Ocean that was in front of us. Here we were, on the first leg of our 10-year anniversary trip and no need to worry about chasing a two-year-old down the beach.

As quickly as the thought of chasing that two-year-old came through my mind, I look up and see my wife running straight for the ocean. This trip was something we had been anticipating for well over a year, but it was this moment that we were both waiting to share with each other.

These were my first steps in the ocean.

As we waded out further, the waves crashed into my legs, my wife looked at me and said, “what do you think?”

With a half-hearted laugh, I respond with, “This is it?”

Firsts In Life

Maybe it was growing up in the Midwest, or that I had waited for 34-years to take my first steps into the ocean, I was not all that impressed. I wanted nothing more than to be laying on the beach listening to the waves crashing in rather than wading waist deep water wondering how much sand will be stuck to me when I decide to dry off in the Florida sun. I wanted to be lying next to my wife of 10-years and taking the next week to think about these last 10-years and prepare for the next 10-years ahead of us.

Walking back to our towels, commonality with the firsts in my life started to appear that I would not have thought of if it weren’t for being a parent.

We share our firsts in life with the special people in our life.

Growing up we share the firsts in our lives with our parents. The first smile, laugh, word, steps, day of school our parents are the ones who are there to celebrate them with us. As we grow older those special people change, there is the first crush, date, kiss, break-up, all shared with the people who we hold dear to our hearts in that particular moment. Then when we become parents ourselves, the cycle repeats.

The opportunity to take in my first step into the ocean has presented itself before. With two trips to San Diego, the thought and intention had always there for me take off my shoes and wade in the water. But the opportunity was never taken. I wanted to share this particular first with the person that I hold closest to my heart, my wife, the person who soaking up the sun right next to me that Sunday afternoon in Florida.

My hand holding hers, covered in sand, I couldn’t help but think that these last 10-years, 8 -years with a kid in tow, we have started the cycle of celebrating the firsts in life all over again. We have long passed the first smile, laugh, and steps but soon we will be sharing another “first” day of school, we have passed the first crush (even if he won’t admit it), there will be a kiss inevitably, and a break-up that we will support our boys through, and then they too will start a family and start yet another cycle of firsts.  

Firsts In Life

I looked at my wife of 10-years, still wondering how I got so lucky that chose me, and I thought about all of the firsts that the two of us have shared and that I wouldn’t want to share them with anyone else.

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