Full Disclosure: General Mills did provide boxes of cereal to review, but it did not change the views and opinions of The Rookie Dad.

I am going to be upfront. I am new Star Wars fan. I don’t know how it took me 30 years to get into the franchise but I am hooked. I’m almost embarrassed to say that it took me so long to even watch the movies.

The more I think about it, I remember a moment when the Rookie started watching Star Wars before me. Sad, when you think about it. But it exposed the Rookie to one of the greatest movie of all time.

It was Mrs. Rookie Dad who encouraged me to add Star Wars to our Netflix queue, and for your purest out there, she did make sure that I started out with Episode III. I couldn’t watch A New Hope fast enough and waiting for The Empire Strikes Back was close to painful. That is how excited I was to watch the franchise.

Now that I have seen the all six of the Star Wars movies, in the proper order, I am hyped for Star Wars VII: The Force Awakens. I have a feeling that between now and then I will re-watch all of the movies just to build up the excitement.

What is great about Star Wars, is that it is something that I can watch with the Rookie. You can see it in his eyes just how much he loves it. Naturally, being the newb that I am to the franchise, I do not have very much Star Wars related gear. It is something that I want to build upon, in fact, just the other day, I bought my first Star Wars related shirt. I wish that I could describe the look in his eyes when he saw the Millennium Falcon on my shirt. I could channel the force to put the words on the screen but that would require Jedi powers that I do not have.

But, the Jedi powers that I do have is to help you is to give you the opportunity to win two cereal boxes from General Mills that has exclusive Star Wars posters in the box. Remember when those prizes in the cereal boxes were cool? Yeah me to! General Mills has brought that cool back with these posters. There are 6 collectible posters that you or your young Padawan will love.

Star Wars - The Rookie Dad

Not only that, but you’ll get some great boxes of General Mills cereal. Growing up I loved Reese’s Puffs and now a more mature healthier Jedi Master version of myself, loves the Honey Nut Cheerios.

You’ll soon be seeing these limited time only boxes hit the shelves, but now is your chance to get your hands on them.

Star Wars Cereal - The Rookie Dad

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