Technology and the Family

I’ve talked about my technology addiction before but never have I brought up how it actually helps our marriage and family by keeping us connected.  This really was never evident to me how much of an asset to my family that technology is until Sunday.

Remember, yesterday I wrote about how I do just about anything to keep the chipmunk happy.  I made a video with my iPhone of one of the things that I do to make him laugh.   I failed to mention in my post yesterday that we had shown the video to the chipmunk on the way home, when I nearly got a concussion from my brain rattling around, and he still laughed.  I uploaded that video to youtube mainly to use for my post yesterday, but I didn’t realize that it was going to serve another purpose.

Hot Mama and I were texting back and forth Sunday morning while I was at work and she was telling me about the chipmunk is afraid of the vacuum cleaner.  Why? I think because maybe is afraid it will suck him inside and we won’t report it for a month that our child is missing.   Ok, honestly, I think it is because it is a loud and big object to him and we don’t use it as much as we should now that he is around.  Maybe that’s why we keep finding random objects in his diaper, I always wondered where those were coming from!

During our text Hot Mama asked me to send her the video to her phone so that she could the chipmunk since it obviously made him laugh.   So I sent the link to her phone and she showed it to him.

Now I didn’t actually see this part, so I am only going off of Hot Mama’s telling of the story, so this is what she told me.

The chipmunk, while watching the video, went in to kiss the phone!

It made my day when she told me that.  We have known for a while that he recognizes us and our voices and faces.  Never would I have thought that he would have gone in for a kiss to an object with just my face on it!

I would have never thought about using my technology addiction in a way to keep the chipmunk happy by being able to always see either mommy and daddy.

Next to making him laugh non-stop, this was one of my proud dad moments!  I know there will be more to come but I’m enjoying this one!

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