The 48 Hour Test

Weekends in my life are one of the toughest two days of the week next to the other five before it. Many of you know that I work all day on both Saturday and Sunday, I do not wish this punishment on anyone. This past weekend was extremely tough as a series of events prevented me from seeing the Kid for almost 48 hours.

My dad asked me to go to a baseball game with him and I will obviously not pass up that opportunity. I love baseball and spending that time with my dad is our way of bonding. As a result of going to the game I left work at 5:30pm and went straight to the game without going home. Hot Mama was then in charge of the Kid for the full day. It happens on occasion when one of us has the Kid all day. I was prepared then, not to see the Kid until about 5pm on Sunday.

Some how though, the Gods were against me and they did not wanting me to see Hot Mama and the Kid.

For those of you who have not been following the news, or do not live in the Midwest, or have not been following my tweets, you know that here in the Midwest we were under the gun on Saturday night for some tornadoes. The outlook was so strong that I even question whether to go the baseball game with my dad so that I could stay home and keep the family safe. However, we were not supposed to be hit by the storms until over night, so that is why I went to the game.

The downside of working in the media is that once a Natural Disaster strikes we rush to the scene faster than the Red Cross can even get mobilized. I had received a phone call that I would be need to be in early over night if something were to strike our area. No big deal, except for when you have storms coming to you with a history of producing tornadoes and you have family who live in a city where tornadoes have already hit and went over their house. I end up going to sleep at midnight and having to wake up at 3am to get into work.

What is my assignment once I get in at 4:30am, drive 3 hours and cover the storms that went through and devastated a neighborhood. No big deal again, we can get our story done and get heading back so that I can leave by 5pm.

Nope, the Gods struck that down too!

I find out around 11am that I am staying on location until after our 5pm show. UGH!!! I will not get back home until at least 9pm now. As this is going on I am texting my wife, who is now using my iPhone after an unfortunate mishap (another blog post for another time). One of the things that I like that she does, is she sends me videos and pictures of the Kid and her as I am working because she knows I miss them. Which yesterday, made things a bit tougher on me.

5pm rolls around, and Hockey decides that Overtime in the playoffs is a good idea, (does anyone watch that sport anyway?) so that means we may not go on until 5:30pm.

Seriously, Gods, you are starting get me really upset!!! (I am putting that nicely so I do not upset them)

We get our show done, 6pm rolls around and time to head home. I will not bore you with the details of the drive home because no one wants to hear about how reporters fall asleep in the car while the photographer who has been up since 3am is driving and has worked twice as hard as the reporters have all day.

I finally get home about 9:30pm at which point the Kid is asleep. All I want to do is wake him up and play with him but I know that is probably not a good idea. What is another 8 hours right, I will be sleeping anyways?

7:15am Monday morning and Hot Mama woke up early to get the Kid ready, as I was out like a baby, and brings him into our bedroom. I look up and what do I see, the Kid with a huge smile on his face because he has not seen my in 48 hours!


  1. ohpapa April 16, 2012 at 8:35 AM

    I bet that smile followed by a cup of coffee was enough to keep you going for another 48 hours. Glad you finally got back to your family despite all the craziness that kept you apart.

  2. jetts31 April 17, 2012 at 9:09 AM

    Good to hear everyone is safe…now go play with your kid!

    1. therookiedad April 17, 2012 at 9:54 AM

      I wish I could… I have to work at noon and he is already at daycare.


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