Over the years since my coffee addiction has started, I have been on the hunt to find the best coffee brewing method for busy parents like myself. I’ve brewed from a drip coffee maker, french press, pour-over, and Aeropress. I do believe that there is one that is above all the best coffee brewing method for busy parents. 

Without a doubt, many parents want their coffee to be instantaneous… almost I.V.-like. Our kids are up by 7 am (or earlier) and have already reached peak energy. Our capacity to handle any sort of parenting is slim unless we have had one cup of coffee in our system. 

While many brewing methods present their pros, are they the best coffee brewing method for busy parents? I always wonder if maybe I should be brewing in a different way. What brewing method would give me the best use of my time in the morning? How long do I want to wait before I am able to have that much-needed cup of coffee? These are all questions that I ask myself almost daily… no matter what method of coffee brewing I use that day. 

Best Coffee Brewing Method for Busy Parents

Having brewed cups of coffee using almost every method imaginable, except Moka Pot (next on my list to try) I feel that I have a great idea of what is the best coffee brewing method for busy parents. 

Drip with Coffee Pot

This might seem like it is the most convenient, and too many it is. 12 cups of coffee can be made at one time. For many coffee pots, you can even program the coffee pot to make your coffee at a pre-scheduled time so it is ready for you the moment you need it. That alone makes it a very convenient option.

However, my beef with brewing with a coffee pot is twofold: taste and control. For most, ground beans are what most will buy and there is a significant taste difference between pre-ground beans and freshly ground beans. Sure, one could grind the beans the night before and have it ready but then there is the issue of controls. One does not have a say in how long the water is in contact with the coffee and the optimal amount of flavor out of it. These two factors are why I don’t consider this the best brewing method for busy parents. 


Best Coffee Brewing Method for Parents - Aeropress

The AeroPress is my go-to method most mornings. I am able to freshly grind my beans and the ability to only make one cup per brew is one way that I am able to control the amount of coffee that I have. I don’t feel that I am wasting a bunch of coffee as I pour out yesterday’s coffee in the sink. It’s also quick in that I let the grounds brew for roughly 2 minutes before pressing down on the Aeropress to finish brewing. 

The only downside to brewing with the Aeropress is that you can only brew one cup at a time. Really that is the only flaw that would not make this the best coffee brewing method for busy parents. If you are looking for more than one cup you might want to look elsewhere. 


Much like the Aeropress, this method allows you to freshly grind your beans giving you the best flavor possible from your beans. There are several ways to brew via a Pour-Over and depending on your equipment, you can get anywhere between one to three cups. 

While this method is the one that looks the best when you go to brew your coffee, I very rarely use this method (in fact at the time I went to look for my pour-over brewer, I was unable to find it… guess that means I need to get a new one… oh darn). It is a more hands-on approach. The great thing about the drip with coffee pot, Aeropress, or French Press is that you have some time between when you start brewing your coffee to the time you are able to get a finished cup. I use that time to make the kids breakfast and sometimes scroll through TikTok in the mornings to get some much-needed “me” time before I have my morning cup of coffee. 

French Press

The French Press is quite possibly the easiest method to brew behind the drip from a coffee pot. If you want you can use pre-ground beans or you can grind your beans fresh in the morning, pour them into the press, pour the water in and wait… typically I let the coffee steep for roughly 7 minutes before I break up the top with a spoon before I am able to pour myself a cup. Those 7 minutes can be crucial for a parent to “wake up” a bit more or for that much-needed “me” time. Using a french press also brews anywhere between 2 to 4 cups depending on the size of the cup and size of your french press. 

The only downside is that 7 minutes of wait time before you can have your coffee. Outside of that, you are able to get some great coffee and more than one cup, unlike the Aeropress brewing method. 

Given all of these methods, I do believe that the French Press is ultimately the best coffee brewing method for busy parents. That 7 minutes of brew time is enough to make both you and your kids breakfast or have some “me” time and also gives you the best-tasting coffee while giving you more than just one cup. The hardest part will be figuring out how you will keep that extra coffee hot while you finish your cup… or wonder where you left your coffee cup and end up pouring yourself another cup. 

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