The First Summer Vacation (Pt. 3)

Well we made it back home!  The trip home was much easier than the trip there.  The chipmunk was so tired from the long day that he was out for the 4 hours that it took us to get home.

We started our day going to church and he was nothing but squirmy.  You couldn’t hold the guy without him wanting down.   Personally, I think that he has figured out that he can move and he wants to do it all the time.  The big thing is that we made it though without him screaming or crying.

Then it was onto the graduation! He was nothing but great during it with the exception of the poopy diaper that he had.  Then during the final speech he screamed at the top of his lungs! It wasn’t an unpleasant scream.  He was just happy!  Which made it funny for everyone in attendance.

He hadn’t slept since about 7:30am so he was exhausted by the time the reception came about.  My wife and I agreed that once he was getting tired we would leave so it would make the trip back good.  What a plan!

We stopped once and he screamed bloody murder because he was woken up by a toilet when we were going to the bathroom.  But we changed him and went on pretty much un-phased.

Overall, this trip was pretty incredible considering this was our first time not having any of the amenities of home.   As I mentioned I learned a few things from this trip and I will be posting them here soon!

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