Recently, there has been a saying that many in the community of dads that I am involved in have been using: Get After It. Well, they combine all three words to say, GetAfterIt or if you are looking on social media just search #getafterit. You get the point.

And while this year’s theme for the Dad 2.0 Summit was precisely that, Get After It, I never really gave it much thought until recently. I started to think about the areas in my life that I’ve been attempting to improve: much like being a better father, more organized as our lives continue to get busier, and to become more productive both as a content creator and in my professional career.

If you have stuck around from the beginning, and if you have you deserve some reward for reading for the last eight years, you will have seen the evolution of me as a dad. Throughout these last eight years, I have grown as a person. I used to be that person who would be stubborn and so set in my ways it would cause arguments with just about anyone that I came in contact with.

It is time to Get After It

Get After It

Social media consumed my life. I had the hardest time setting my phone down and interacting with my family. I was so engrossed in finding stories to tell for my blog, that as soon as I saw a story, I felt like I had to tell it right then and there and get the story out to the masses.

I had lost the real reason that I was blogging in the first place, and that was so that I would learn from the experiences that I was having and be able to tell new fathers of the lessons that I was learning having so that they would realize that they were not alone.

Many times while I was a stay-at-home-dad early on, William would be crying from his crib after waking up from a nap, and I would sit at the computer finishing crafting (if that is what you would say about some of my early work) a story that I felt had to be out at that moment.

Over the last year, I’ve taken a new approach to my writing that I feel has become evident as I have found who I am as a writer. While I am still telling those little moment stories that I was early on, I’ve started to be more patient about it. I’ve started to wait to write the story until I can fully dive into what I was going through at that moment, like the moment I found out that I need to keep the inner kid in. Early on in this year I even talked about why you should start owning being a dad now.

Being A Dad

That is where the Get After It saying hits home from me in a fatherhood aspect. It means stepping up more than I have in the past. Not complaining about those late night wake up calls, keeping the kids when my wife has had a particularly hard day and stepping up as a husband. Doing daily chores, making the kids lunches, and general helping around the house. That’s how I need to Get After It in my personal life.

As our lives become busier and inevitably busier with two boys, I also need to Get After It to stay organized. I have tried everything from a written planner to Google Calendar to reminders on my phone. I made an attempt with a written planner when I went out to get a Passion Planner to help stay organized. There are so many weeks that are left blank in it from times when I thought that I would be able to keep our schedule in our head. That never happened. I would eventually forget something that was either work-related or personal like a dentist appointment or a day off school for the kids and have to burn a sick day.

Our lives continue to get busier

Between work, blogging, the countless side projects I would take on, and trying to be a dad, I needed to figure out a way that would work for me to keep everything straight. The planner along with a mix of Google Calendar and reminders on my phone so that I wouldn’t forget to change out the daycare bag every week for Joseph, have all helped me Get After It to keep our family organized and hopefully keeping all of our family activities straight.

That planner is also helping me Get After It as a content creator. With so many ideas as to where being that online content creator can take me. It is there to help me schedule the time I need to create the content that you have come to love and find the time required to spend with my family.

Looking back on my year in 2017, even though there were many lows, like being laid-off, there were also many incredible experiences that my family was able to be a part of as a result of The Rookie Dad. The only way that I am going to be able to keep it up and make this year even better than last year is if I sit down and Get After It. Realizing the areas in my life that I can say no to and the areas that are my real passion are going to make it all worth it this year.

This is the year I Get After It. 2017 was great, but 2018 is going to be even better.


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