It can be a scary thing for the first time when you leave your child with a new daycare provider. You feel like you have done your research looking at what people say about the provider online and by asking friends and family. For parents who have been with their child for the first three months, you wonder if your provider will know the specific traits that your child exhibits throughout the day.

You might even feel like you won’t be able to see your child at all throughout the day. Which is not the case with where technology has taken us. There are now apps that allow your provider to send you pictures, videos, and there are even some daycares provide a live stream of what they are doing with your children throughout the day.

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For you to have the best experience you can with a new daycare provider, it is imperative to communicate with them. They only way that they are going to be able to provide you and you’re child with the best care possible is if you let them know what is going on with your child.

There are several times that it is essential to communicate with your provider: when you drop your child off, when you pick them up, through any piece of technology the provider prefers (more on this later), and when your child will not be going to daycare in the case of vacations or sickness.

Morning Drop-Off

When you drop your child off in the mornings, it is probably the most critical time to communicate with your provider. This is going to be the time when you are able to talk to them about the night that they had, how many times they woke up throughout the night, and what type of morning they are having. This is going to clue in your daycare on the kind of day to expect from your child: how much to expect them to eat for breakfast, whether they are going to need an early nap, and just how their overall demeanor will be.

Afternoon Pick-Up

At this point in the day, your child is going to be excited to see you walk in through the door. They are going to run to hug you, and even though they had fun during their day, they are going to be excited to be headed home. But much like the morning drop-off, you are going to need to gather some information from your provider about your child’s day. More than likely, they will tell you about any bump or bruise that you find, you’ll find out how they are adjusting to the new daycare and playing with their new friends. Your provider should also clue you in on anything that your child should work on at home.

Through Technology

If your child is attending an in-home daycare, more than likely you are going to be texting your provider throughout the day as they have questions or that you want to be able to catch up with how your child is doing. Some larger centers, however, will use phone apps to provide you with the necessary information of your child. They will tell you what your child ate, when they slept, and what different activities they did throughout the day.

With some apps, providers can send pictures of what your child did throughout the day (some in real-time), and even some are able to provide you a live stream to give you up-to-the-minute information as to what is going on with your child. Many of the apps that providers use, also give you the option to tell them when your child will not be attending.


There will come a time when your child will be absent for some reason or another. If they are in a new daycare, there is a high likelihood that your child will be sick more often than not for the first couple of months. This is one of those things that just happens as your child is exposed to new germs and bugs that go around. But this is probably one of the most crucial times to talk to your provider, not just for you and them, but for the other parents as well.

Simple ear infections often do not warrant the need to alert other parents that a kid is sick, but some illnesses do like Hand Foot and Mouth. Your provider will make sure to tell other parents what is going around so that those parents can look for those symptoms.

Communicating with the daycare that your child is attending is crucial in many cases, the important thing is that you do. This way both you and your provider can have a positive experience taking care of your child.

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