It was on our flight back from our family vacation at Myrtle Beach, South Carolina when I felt as though there was something missing. I didn’t leave anything at our VRBO and I didn’t leave a bag somewhere in the airport terminal. I didn’t know what it was until I got home and started to comb through the thousands of photos I took. 

I told myself that this would the trip that I would get out and do some real photography. You know the type that you have an intent for the reason that you pick up your camera and head out. I had that same intention to get up early or stay up late and walk around the boardwalk and beach to get some photographs that I could be proud of. Sure, I’m proud of many of the photographs I take of my family, in fact, many of those are the ones that I’m the proudest of when I look at them. But I wanted to take some time to improve myself as a photographer. I wanted to take this opportunity to improve on the craft that I find much joy in. 

But instead, I missed that opportunity. 

It wasn’t until we got home that I realized this. Instead, I spent the time with my family during a vacation that we had been planning years for and I don’t regret for one minute. While for many bloggers and influencers we can look at a trip as an opportunity to come up with many new ideas for the content and sometimes we aren’t to be able to sit back and really take in the moment. 

I’ve realized lately that it isn’t always about creating content or finding that perfect spot to take an instagram photo. I’ve slowed way down in my storytelling and sharing on social media about the happenings with The Rookie Dad family. I realized this the other day when my wife said, “you haven’t posted anything new on The Rookie Dad for 30 days.”

I stopped and realize she was right. I had every opportunity to have a plethora of content after our Myrtle Beach vacation. But as I looked through the 1000s of pictures I took I realized it’s about making memories with our family and loved ones. Yes, there are pictures, many as a matter of fact, that will serve as reminders of the fun we had on that vacation. But, missing that one opportunity to walk down the boardwalk finding that one picture that I’ll spend hours editing, I realized that this was the opportunity to make memories that I wouldn’t be able to make with them otherwise. 

There is riding the Myrtle Beach Skywheel…

There is parasailing… (and I did both of these with a major fear of heights)

There is going to a pirate dinner show… 

And finally, there was lots… 

And lots…

Of beach time. 

I know to some who have followed The Rookie Dad for a while, this might feel sort of as a bid adieu to the blog. It’s far from that. Missing the opportunity to take those photos or taking the time to research a post that would drive a lot of traffic with some search engine optimization, made me remember who I am and why I started this blog in the first place.

I’m sorry, it isn’t about you. It’s great that you are here and following my journey through fatherhood. But I started The Rookie Dad as something fun… something that I would be able to sit down and do when I felt like, while writing about the things I enjoy. 

While I have a plan moving forward of the content I want to create, I have made sure that with each one of the things I put on this blog, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter that it really shows off why I started this blog in the beginning. 

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