This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Pampers at Sam’s Club. The opinions and text are all mine.

Somewhere, shoved in the back corner of a closet, there is a hard drive. It only stores 250 gigabytes, which at the time was quite a bit and served the needs of storing documents and pictures that my wife and I needed to keep.

Somewhere, down the road, that hard drive started storing video from a camera that I asked for one Christmas. I wanted to use that camera to document the critical milestones my wife, and I shared. The trips that we took together, the nights out, the time hanging with friends.

At some point, that camera was in the delivery room of our first born, my wife holding it as I laid our then newborn in his bassinet to change my very first diaper. It was a moment that I had been practicing for using my wife’s cabbage patch dolls. I was ready…

Or I thought I was.

Changing a diaper wasn’t something that they had taught me in parenting classes, and it wasn’t something that I had even thought that I would be doing at the age of 26.

I was in knee deep, it was the first diaper change since being born. This was one of the things I was warned about, that first deep black poop filled diaper. Filled to the brim, I wondered how my not yet 12-hour old baby could have produced such a massive amount of poop.

It was one of the first scary moments that I had as a parent changing that diaper, and the video lives on that hard drive to be unearthed when my oldest has his first kid to show him how NOT to change his first diaper.

Parenting classes don’t tell you about that!

I think back to that moment, and that was just the start of the scary moments that accompany parenting. There is the first Emergency Room visit after wrestling on the couch and falling off dads back hitting his head on the coffee table. There is the first time that they get croup, that wheezing cough that after the first time catching it, parents realize it isn’t something to worry about and instinct kicks in the next time they have it.

There is the first time your kid ride a bike, which might not seem like much of a scary moment in parenting, but the moment they sense their freedom, they are flying down the neighborhood hill popping wheelies in the middles of the street, and you are standing there hoping that the helmet isn’t too loose.

These moments all begin with that first scary moment as a parent, that first black diaper in the hospital. A moment when all is there to help make sure that you are able to survive those scary moments. But the moment you bring baby home, there won’t be a nurse running in as you scream when your baby blows out a diaper while you frantically look for the wipes (hoping you have enough) and making sure that you have another diaper on hand to help you avoid yet another disaster.

Pampers and Sam’s Club are here to help you through those initial scary moments as a parent. Pampers new NEW 2x softer Pampers Swaddlers with Heart Quilts and NEW best-fitting Pampers Cruisers with 3-way fit help you survive those initial scary moments as a parent. Air channels help keep the baby dry, and with 12-hour protection, it will keep those sometimes horrific diaper changes to a minimum.

With in-club pick up at Sam’s Club, you won’t even need to leave your car, leaving you without the possibility of experiencing a diaper blow-out in store. And between now and November 25th you can get $3 each box with free shipping when you order online.

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Pampers at Sam’s Club. The opinions and text are all mine.

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