Son, you are developing an attitude.  I realize that you are two and that my bad attempts at rationalizing with you are futile.  I know that telling you, if you eat at least 3 bites of your meal will lead to getting to watch the Charlie Brown Thanksgiving will never really mean anything to you.  More then likely you will still say no and mom and dad will go back on our word two hours later and let you watch Charlie Brown when you have begged enough.

However, in an attempt to understand the Language of “Toddler” that you speak, I think I have understand what you really mean when you say “no.”

You really mean “Yes!”  When you say “No daddy” to when I ask if you want to help pick up, you really do want to help pick up.

No - The Rookie Dad

When you say “No Mommy” when asked if you want to read a book, you really do want to.

When you say “No Mommy Daddy” to us when we start singing to you, you really do want us to continue singing.

When you say “No Mommy Daddy” to us when we ask if you want to go to bed or not, well you may not really want to go bed, but deep down you do.

I could be completely off in my translation of your language.  You could mean the exact opposite and really mean no when you say, “No.”   If that is really the case than we need to work on your attitude young man.

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