11 years ago I started out on a new venture in life. Freshly graduated from college, I decided to move to a city I had only visited less than a handful of times. Leaving behind my entire family support network and more importantly the friends that I made over the last four years.

Zero Friends in Kansas City

Over the early years into this new journey in my life, I tried to keep the friends I made from college. It wasn’t three months into this new chapter, that I met my wife, who much like me, had just graduated college and moved to a new city. She had family only a 2-hour drive down the interstate to the city my friends started their life in after college. So I thought it might be easy

It wasn’t. Yes, Facebook makes it easy, but there is something about being able to have face-to-face conversations with people. Sitting in a local brewery catching up on our lives, careers, and the inside jokes that we had during college. And the sometimes the months that would go by not talking to each other, wasn’t doing the trick for us.

Eventually, we started to drift apart. It is funny how life works that way, you start something new, and it feels like you are starting from scratch. No one understands why you are headed the way you are, but you decide to go ahead despite what they think.

A void was left in my life, in that I had little to no friend network in Kansas City. I had my wife, but I didn’t have those people I could go out with on a Thursday night after a long days work and watch whatever game happen to be playing on.

As I pushed through not having the friend network, my wife and I had our oldest child William. Which then gave me a reason to start The Rookie Dad. In fact, when I go back to the root of all of this, I didn’t even begin as The Rookie Dad. I started out as The Father In Me.

At the time, I didn’t know what I was doing, I still feel that way today when you ask me how I ended up getting where I am now as a content creator to driving cars with Kia in San Diego, but that doesn’t stop me from at least telling stories. Some of the things I write about work, others don’t. I can’t give you a definitive answer and to be honest; it’s not something I concern myself with.

I want to tell stories.

Dad Bloggers in Photo Booth

It’s an exciting thing that happens when you look at someone or something and realize that the two are not all that different. I sat recently in the Hard Rock San Diego’s ballroom not sure how I ended up where I was on that morning. I’m just a lowly content creator, who enjoys telling stories and yet I’m here I am, being invited to drive some cars. I was sitting there next to someone (Out With The Kids) I have respected and looked up to (for a couple of reasons) for years because of his innate ability to tell a story. Then as if on queue we are asked, “Do you know how many media outlets KIA had at our first press conference in the United States?”

In my head, I go, the only reason they would ask us this question is because it is zero. The same amount of friends I had when I started my new venture in life both in Kansas City and as a content creator.

I was right.

Image Courtesy of Lunchbox Dad

And much like Kia who starting something from nothing, I look around and see that times have changed. Now I am part of something bigger, I have a dads group in Kansas City that I’m part of, I’m part of a more significant dad community of online content creators who are telling the story of what it means to be dads today.

As strange as it may seem, I’m part of a family… I just didn’t realize it.

If you are curious what the Kia Family did down in San Diego, here is a peek… we had a little bit of fun based on the Steven Tyler Kia Stinger Super Bowl Commerical.

FYI: Kia did compensate me for travel to experience The New Kia, however the thoughts and opinions are my own.


  1. fandads April 17, 2018 at 11:08 PM

    This is great and I am enjoying seeing how you are going after it this year. You’re inspiring me to do better!

  2. Addy Brown July 10, 2018 at 12:31 PM

    One person is almost never enough. You just can’t do it all. Rather, team up with one or two other people who have skills synergistic – not overlapping – with your own, but with similar goals and passions.


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