Full Disclosure: GoPro did not prompt me to write this post and it is not meant to be an endorsement of GoPro.

There are so many things that I wish that I could remember as the Rookie grows up. There are so many conversations that I wish that I could remember having with him.

Take the other night during the supermoon. We ended up driving down the block to a clearing so that we would be able to see the lunar eclipse. As the moon slowly started to be covered up by the shadow, out of nowhere we hear,

“OH MY GOSH! LOOK AT THE MOON! It’s like it is not there anymore!”

This is where I wish I had a GoPro attached to my head recording all of the conversations that I have with the Rookie. Because, just typing it here and putting it in the black text on your computer screen doesn’t do it justice. There was an inflection in his voice that can’t be put to words.

Then there is the conversation that we had earlier that night as we were at the park and he was wishing we could have brought the neighbor boy. We ended up explaining to the Rookie that we are still learning who our neighbors are and maybe someday when we get to to know them well enough that we can exchange phone numbers.

As we were coming home from the park we saw them out in their driveway playing. Then out of the blue we hear,

“We should go over and take them cookies! That way mommy you can get their phone number so we can play!”

Please disregard the messy home… we are still in the process of unpacking.

OK first off, let me say we have the sweetest boy who wants to take our new neighbors cookies. But it was his expressions that said it all. He was moving his hands in such a way that showed that he was excited about explaining to us what we were going to do.

After taking cookies over and talking to our neighbors, he asked, “can we get your phone number to play?” Which resulted in an open invitation to come over and play with their little boy.

Then during bath time I get this ornery look from the Rookie. It was one of those looks that you knew that there was some great idea in his head that he shouldn’t have thought of but you knew that he was going to try it no matter what.

“OK dad… here’s the deal. I’m going to wake up, go downstairs, open the door, and look both ways before I cross the street, go up to our neighbors house, and knock really hard on their door so I can play!”

Again, this was one of those moments that I wish I had video to show you because the black and white words on your screen don’t do this conversation justice.

This is almost an everyday occurrence with the Rookie. It is almost to the point where we shouldn’t be surprised by what he says but it seems that he is always taking it to another level.

He is a funny kid and I wish that I could have a video camera running at all times to be able to capture some of these moments.

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