The Times, They Are A-Changin’

Bob Dylan once wrote, The times, they are a-changin. Ron Burgundy had never heard that song. — Anchorman

Ron Burgandy may have never heard that song but I have. Well maybe I have not but I know that quote… very well. The quote even if it comes from my favorite movie applies today.

The times on this blog are a-changin’. You will no longer read the stories about the Kid as if I am telling you the reader. The stories will turn into stories told to my son, along with more letters written to him.

Why the change you ask? Well that is a good question.

I am starting a new project as of today. It is called Dads Round Table. This is a collaborative project with seven other daddy bloggers and a mommy blogger in the mix as well. It has been something that we have worked very hard on over the last six to eight months.

Dads Round Table will be a place where readers can get even more information about dads and the things that dads enjoy. We do not claim to be parenting experts by any means, but we are a group of dads who enjoyed reading each other blogs and decided to combine forces to build one super uber blog.

As for me, this will be a site where I can talk about the things that I learn being a dad and share my experiences. Turning this site into more a digital scrapbook for my son.

Community is a key reason in parenting. That is what we have decided to build through Round Table discussions and eventually Google+ hangouts. A community of parents who enjoy sharing stories and talking with one another. We are so into the community building that we are encouraging guest contributors to write for our site and share your stories.

If you are new to being a dad, parenting, or being a mom please check us out. Each one of us have our own blogs that we write so be sure to check them out too.

What are you waiting for? Go check us out and join in the conversation.

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