Dear Kid,

You have grown up so fast. There are things that you do that surprise both mommy and daddy . You also do things that make mommy and daddy laugh.

You fart! Ok, that may not sound funny, but it is the way you fart. After you let one rip, you blame it on someone else. Do you want to know who you blame? Your dad. In fact, it does not even matter who farted, it could have been the spider on the other side of the room and you still blame it on me. I do not know where you learned to this or who taught you this invaluable skill. It is not like your dad blamed you when he farted or anything. Really though, do you always have to blame it on me?

Speaking of things that escape from other side, I do not think that this new Catholic Day-Care will approve of you saying “Fish” I realize now that most Catholic people would not be offended by the word fish in fact, they probably would embrace it. But, you say fish so differently…

I will have you know that mommy and daddy did not teach you to say that word. We know what you mean but some people might not approve of it.

© The Rookie Dad

You are only 21 months old and already learning how to drive. I know that the family who live out on the farm could really use the help, but it seems that you might do more coaching from the car than real work. You are already so independent, always wanting to do things on your own, but driving is a skill that you do not need to master for a couple of years… at least.

Part of me wants to keep you this age. You are so much fun to run around with. You have so much energy, there are times when I come home from work that I am unable to find the energy in my self to keep up with you.

It is all worth it though. Each and every part of being your dad is worth it, the highs and lows. You might not know the meaning of what I wrote yesterday, but I Will Be There. Each and every step of the way. Whether you want to be a garbage picker upper or President of the United States of America, or swim in the Olympics, I will be there for you. I will always encourage you to be the best at what you want to be.


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