What Kind of Dad Are you?

Last night as Hot Mama and I were sitting around watching TV (or according to a new study losing 22 minutes off our life) she was reading through Scholastic’s Parent & Child magazine, I probably either had the news on, ESPN, or MLB Network.  Out of the blue she calls says “You’re a flip-cam dad”  She explained to me what it meant

“Cut! Cut! Cut! Let’s do baby’s first step again. The lighting was totally wrong, Take Two!”

Yes, you could say that I am that way sort of.  I wouldn’t ask to do it again.

The magazine listed several other dads at the end of the article in their “Last Laugh” section; Flip Cam Dad, Couch Potato Dad, Fashion Dad, Hobby Dad, Gearhead Dad, Science Dad, Youtube Dad.   I looked through them and thought to myself as a dad I fall into all of the categories at one time or another.

I was intrigued enough to go into the main article.  It gave 5 other types of dads; Let’s Play Catch Dad, Dinner’s Ready Dad, Just 10 More Miles Dad, Text Me Dad, and I Can Fix It Dad.   While I into each of those categories in some fashion, I would say that I am more of the Let’s Play Catch Dad and Text Me Dad.   Some of the ideas of kids to do with those two types of dad sound very fun!  A Tailgate in the driveway, can you just smell it now, and how many neighbors would come over just to see what you are doing?   I would really like to make a LEGO Robot, and exclaim “It’s ALIVE” when we turn it on for the first time.

This was really meant for Father’s Day,  it is still kind of an interesting read in that it does give some great ideas for either dads or kids to do with each other.

One thing however is certain, to our kids we are their hero, whether we are playing LEGO’s or building their pinewood derby car, or teaching them how to dance (even if we don’t know how to).    They look up to us, even if they are the chipmunks age, 9 months.  So get out there and spend time with them and be the positive influence that they need!

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  1. Ahin Chakraborty August 18, 2011 at 8:41 AM

    I think I can be found in all of those categories at one time or the other. But, the main categories that would describe me probably are Flip Cam Dad, I can Fix It Dad and Hobby Dad.
    You are right, we are our kid’s heroes. I hope to stay that way as long as I am around.
    Good post.

  2. thelifeofjamie August 18, 2011 at 8:57 AM

    My husband is a cross between couch potato dad and hobby dad…I am not a dad- so I can’t play (way to single out the ladies in a post Brandon!) 🙂

    1. therookiedad August 18, 2011 at 9:04 AM

      Yeah as if Mom’s don’t get enough credit! HAHA! I’m building up data for a post about how dads are always made to look stupid or like an idiot in the movies, commercials, and TV shows and the mom looks GREAT! HAHA! It is going to be awesome!


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