As I am grocery shopping, I am constantly on the lookout for something new. Admittedly, I have a habit of getting the same things over and over again. Mostly, because I am in the zone when I grab the cart and hit the grocery store aisle. 

But I do want to make sure that whatever we are eating on a given week is not boring our kids or they are getting tired of the snacks that we are providing for them. 

But there are occasions when I am the type of grocery shopper who will walk up and down just about every aisle. A wanderer, so to speak. Whether or not it is on the list, if it’s something that looks good — I’m picking it up. It could be a variation of a new chip, a new style of pizza, or a new flavor of ice cream. If we haven’t tried it, I’m sure to pick it up. 

When Helpful Smiles TV, aka, HSTV, (online streaming network by Hy-Vee)asked me to unbox some of their newest items for their series “What’s New at Hy-Vee” [link show page], I couldn’t resist. This would mean that I would continue to bring the smiles home when our kids help us unload the groceries that I bought for the week.

With items ranging from the Pepsi Mango, Late July Tortilla Vegetable Chips, DiGiorno Croissant Pepperoni Pizza, Nerds Candy Gummy Clusters, to It’s Your Churn Birthday Cake Ice Cream; there are new items at Hy-Vee that are sure to make everyone in the family happy.

But don’t take it from just this blog post, check out my thoughts along with other bloggers who had the chance to check out what’s new at Hy-Vee this summer. 

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