What’s That Smell? (Part 1)

The Kid has a dose of a healthy diet. Not saying that we have not been giving that to him before but we have been more conscience about lately.

This means that he is getting his fruits and vegetables at every meal. I do not know how much of the vegetables he is actually as most of it ends up on the floor.

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One morning however I started to smell something strange. With my new fatherly found keen sense of smell, I realized that I was smelling broccoli. Not just any broccoli either, this had a three-day old stench to it (not that I would know what three-day old broccoli smells like). I had swept the dining room floor the night before so that just such a thing would not happen so I knew that it was not that.

Reluctantly, I get up off the couch to break from my March Madness watching and go to the trash. I smell the trash and find out that it is NOT that trash either, it smells more like buttered popcorn. Yes, I did just smell the trash. Do not judge… I am a parent and sometimes we do things that seem strange to an outsider.

The Kid is playing in the living room as I am watching the games. He walks over to me and suddenly my nose almost curls up like a turtle going back into its shell to protect itself. That awful broccoli smell was coming from the Kid. He must have gotten some into his system even though it was all on the floor. It was even worse when I released it from the diaper. I believe someone had to shock me to wake me up after that diaper change.

I know the Kid needs his vegetables but I think after the stench that came out of my son after he had some, I won’t feed it to him again.

Tomorrow we will discover what that smell in my car is.

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