My family chose to get an RV based on an off-hand comment in the summer of 2020.

“I wish we had a teardrop camper so that we could just travel and camp while we are both working remotely.” said my wife. 

From that moment it was almost 2 years of exhaustive research to find the right camper for our family. We had dreams of traveling around the country seeing different National Parks and giving our kids the experience of seeing the world. 

We have done tent camping over the years and while we enjoyed it, camping by tent with 2 boys was not enjoyable. Sleeping on the hard ground drained the energy that we needed desperately to keep up with them throughout our outing. Not to mention we visited one campground where a bar and grill was built on the other side of the lake and would play loud music throughout the night, preventing what little sleep we would actually get from sleeping on the ground.  

Initially, we were looking at something small like a teardrop camper. We fund a company out of Colorado that built them with bunk beds. It would have fit our needs but as we continued to do more research we found out that we could get more for our money if we were to go the travel trailer route. 

My Family Chose To Get An RV

My Family Chose To Get An RV - Travel Lite Rove Lite Camper
Our Travel Lite Rove Lite 14BH Camper

We knew nothing when it came to looking at RVs. We were even hesitant to go to a dealership because we didn’t want to get swindled into getting something bigger than we were ready for. We knew that there were plenty of things that could go wrong (and did on our first camping trip.. More to come on this later) and we didn’t want to get something that would present too many of those issues that would make us immediately regret making this decision. 

But we kept researching. We kept looking to see if we could find something that would be right for our family. And sure enough, 2 years after the initial comment of buying a camper, we found one that fit our needs. 

We knew that we wanted bunk beds for our kids and we knew we wanted climate control because we wanted to extend our camping season as much as we could. With those requirements, we found the Travel Lite Rove Lite camper. From the moment we walked in, we knew that it was meant to be. The bunk beds, both AC and Furnace, a VERY small kitchen, and the smallest bathroom you could find (but hey we don’t have to use disgusting spider-infested campground bathrooms should it ever come to that). 

Boy Sitting By Lake - My Family Chose To Get An RV

One of my favorite childhood memories is taking family road trips. My favorite one is traveling up to see Mount Rushmore and then trekking over to Devil’s Tower and being in awe. I remember driving up the Colorado Rockies mountains and going to Dillon Lake… and my dad needed to get a t-shirt that said, “Dam Brewery”… Yes there is a Dam Brewery in Dillon! 

Those are the memories that I had as a kid, and that is why we got an RV for our family.  

Boy Smiling Around Campfire - My Family Chose To Get An RV

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