Here is the thing. When you find out you are going to be a new parent, every parent (and some non-parents who don’t understand) will come up to you and tell you to get all of the sleep that you can get now because, within the next year, you won’t be getting any.

It’s true… as parents, it is hard to find the time to sleep.

We have so many other things going on that take time from our precious ZZZs. When the kids go to sleep, it is our time to catch up on our TV shows, prepare lunches for the next day, sit on the couch without being asked to do something, and for some of us… blog.

I’m not going to lie; I’m not the best when I do not get my sleep. Just ask my wife, and she will tell you how grumpy and irritable I get. For some reason, night in and night out, I continue to stay up late working on either my blog or wasting time on the internet. When I do not get the sleep that I need, it is almost as though no one can do anything right. Our morning routine, while routine, is thrown off because I am too tired to make breakfast, make my son’s lunch, feed our infant, all the while trying to make sure that I’m ready to work for the day.

Sleep has become even harder to come by now that we have two kids. Our 6-year-old at times wakes up more often than our 9-month-old. And on the rare occasion, the dog will wake up not just once a night, but twice. All causing both my wife and me to lose much-needed sleep.

Our infant though has made our bedtime routine somewhat easier than before. Before our second child, it was mostly going to bed when we would feel like it. And even then there were nights we would lay in bed either on our phones catching up on Facebook, on our laptops finishing up some work (that could have waited until the next day), or reading a book that we have meant to get too. Now that his bedtime routine has been set, he has started to wake up early (or late to some) in the evening, around 10:30 pm. He always needs a diaper change and fed at around that time.

I wish that I could sleep like a baby.

Our infant’s routine has made it easier for my wife and me to judge when we need to go to bed, and not just the one who takes care of him at that time. His waking up is a signal to both of us that it is time to go to bed ourselves. We both know that eventually some time in the middle of the night either our oldest, the dog, or the baby will wake up and need our attention. More than likely a trip to the bathroom.

His routine, as disturbing as it may seem has made it easier for my wife and me to get sleep. We tend to trade off nights who wakes up with everyone in the middle of the night so that there is at least one of us who is rested and ready to tackle the next day.

To be honest, as a family with two kids, I never really even wanted to see how well either my wife or I slept. I mean we had two children! We already knew, or thought, that we were getting very little sleep. That was before we tried out the Beautyrest Sleeptracker monitor.

When we woke up the first morning after using the product we woke up using the Sleep Cycle Alarm that would determine the best time to wake up within 30 minutes of the alarm; we were shocked at our sleep scores. Both of us, even though we had both woke up to take care of the kids during the night, had sleep scores in the 70s. It was better than we had thought.

But the other thing that we had noticed was that we felt refreshed. Strange as it may seem, we felt like we woke up better than the day before. It took us both a few nights to realize that the Sleep Cycle Alarm on the Beautyrest Sleeptracker monitor was the reason we were waking up more refreshed. It was waking us up when we were in the optimal sleep pattern so that we weren’t waking up from a deep sleep. You know those mornings when you feel like even an entire pot of coffee couldn’t wake you up? We’ve all had mornings like that.

Beautyrest Sleeptracker Sleep Cycle Alarm screen

Suddenly, when we were waking up at the optimal time, our sleep scores increased from the 70s to the 80s, and for me a 96 on the weekend. And while parents seem to have a hard time getting sleep, it is possible to start at least to understand different ways to help you sleep better when you start tracking your sleep… even if you are waking up a couple of times in the middle of the night.

I have partnered with Life of Dad and Beautyrest for this campaign, but my opinions are my own.

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