Will I Ever Hear The TV Again?

I am sitting here on the couch.  Relaxing after a hard day’s work.  It has been a long week.  I have changed bosses and moved offices and the adjustment has been difficult on me.  I am sinking into my chair.

I am relaxing.  As I sit in my easy chair waiting for the Kansas City Royals game to come on.  I’m seeing a timeline and in and out points from editing video all day.  I’m looking forward to watching this game even though I am not your typical Royals fan.  I root for them only because I am from Kansas City.

I turn the TV.  The game comes on.  You can see the excitement that the fans from Kansas City had at the game, I am taking in the excitement.  It is something residents of Kansas City haven’t seen in 29 years!

Out of the corner of my eye I see Mrs. Rookie Dad working on her homework and I see the Rookie pull out his Batman doll.  I smile and sense a peaceful evening as I watch the game.

HEar The TV - The Rookie Dad
Image Courtesy of G3ICT.org

Suddenly, out of nowhere, the Kid raises his voice, and starts to make flying sounds.  His voice gets even louder as he talks in his batman voice.

I don’t have the TV up loud because I want to respect Mrs. Rookie Dad as she studies. As the Rookie gets louder, I creep the volume up on the TV up just a bit.  All I want to do is hear just how awful the announcing for TBS during the playoffs are.  Don’t ask me why I am interested in this but I am.

The Rookie starts to run around the house talking and making his flying noise.  His feet hit the tile in our kitchen like a rock.  The pounding of his feet just add to the noise level of batman talking and flying.

Little did I realize that I was turning up the TV during this entire time.  Mrs. Rookie Dad had had enough. She asked me to turn the TV down to which I replied, “I can’t hear it!”

She responded that the Rookie is playing so nicely, which he was but I wanted to hear the game.  I explained in probably the best way possible (Mrs. Rookie Dad might say it differently) that this is playoff baseball and I want to be able to hear and watch the sounds and sights of the game.

Now, let me say, that I have an incredibly understanding wife who then asked the Rookie to play just a bit quieter.  In which he responded with an ironically loud, “I WILL!!!”

His response made me wonder, if I would ever hear the TV again?


  1. postpostmoderndad October 6, 2014 at 11:17 AM

    When the kid becomes a teenager and sulks in his room all day. That’s when.

  2. memoirmom October 6, 2014 at 9:20 PM

    No. Never again. Unless they are asleep. I don’t even have the radio on when I drive anymore just so I can remember the sound of silence. Er…I mean, hang in there- it gets better!


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